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Enjoy Beautiful Water Features Throughout the Year

We all work so hard on our gardens during the spring and summer, we deserve to enjoy them all year round. Unfortunately, in NEPA we can’t enjoy flowers and our yards too much during the winter. We can have the next best thing, though! Enjoying our gardens three quarters of the year.

Edward's Garden Center sells fire fountains

Photo credit: aquascapeinc.com

There’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting in your garden, listening to the water trickle from your fountain. There are so many stunning water features on the market today. From pond-free streams and waterfalls to bubbling boulders and water gardens. In sizes big and small, shapes long or round, these pieces can fit into any space. And the best part….All of these items can be enjoyed from the beginning of spring to the end of fall (depending on when the below freezing temperatures arrive).

Not sure if a water feature would fit into your space for (nearly) year long enjoyment? Take a look at all the different kinds and reconsider!

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes. If you have walked around Edward’s Garden Center lately, you know what we mean: large vases, stone fountains, small urns and so many more. The fountain kits by Aquascape that are sold at the Garden Center, make adding a fountain to your garden quick and easy. Ask one of our experts about it!

Patio Ponds
If you don’t have enough room for a large in-ground pond or you just want to enjoy a water garden on your deck, than a patio pond is exactly what you need. Creating a beautifully planted water bowl or container water garden has never been easier. Aquascape Aquatic Patio Ponds have all the natural beauty of real rock with the added durability and light weight of fiberglass. You can even add fish! Take a look at this video to find out how creative you can get.

Fire Fountains
Self-contained water and fire features have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Edward’s is proud to say, we have brought the trend to NEPA! These beautiful units are very easy to set up and are a great feature for the cool autumn nights that are soon to arrive. Stop in to the Garden Center to check out our fire fountain selection or watch the video below.

Spillaway Bowls and Basins
These pieces are probably the most artistic of the bunch and they may not fit in with every garden, but they sure are cool looking. Spillway Bowls and Basins can be installed as a standalone disappearing water features or several spillway bowls can be linked together for an amazing display.

Edward's Garden Center sells water features

Photo credit: Aquascapeinc.com

Hopefully we have inspired you to add a water feature to your garden so you can enjoy (nearly) year round relaxation and beauty.

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Exciting surprises coming to the Garden Center this year!

Edward's Garden Center has a huge selection of water features.

New water features and fountains are coming to the Garden Center!

With the count down the Garden Center season opening in the single digits (finally!), the staff has been busy preparing for a great year with lots of surprises.

Because you are our loyal readers and patrons, we are going to clue you in on some things that will be happening soon.

First, the Garden Center will be the home for several new water features and fountains. Ed and his staff spent some of their time off visiting a fountain manufacture. Ed is happy to say he was extremely impressed with the company and is happy to offer their products at the Garden Center. To showcase some of these new items, several new water features will be added to Ed’s beautiful Garden Center. The staff will be busy preparing and building these items starting next week.

The staff will also be busy building a brand new greenhouse for annuals. With all of the beautiful flowers that will be filling our the Garden Center soon, Ed felt that it was time to update the greenhouse. This project will also begin next week.

Edwards Garden Center has a wonderful staff

We bet you can’t wait to see these smiling faces!

Many of you are probably wondering if we are going to have events again this year. Yes! We most definitely will be. Get out your calendars, you are the first to know about these events!

Summer Open House
June 6th and 7th

Fall Festival
September 26th and 27th

Holiday Celebration
December 5th and 6th

We will announce seminar dates at a later time.

Edward’s Garden Center staff if also excited to announce a new service, “We plan, You Plant”. This new service is a great one for any avid gardener or DIYer. Stop into the Garden Center with a drawing of your yard and our staff will help you design your garden. Then you chose all of the flowers and shrubs that you want and we will deliver them. You plant them and send us your after pictures for us to feature on the website.

Speaking of  the website…The last thing we are going to clue you in on is our new website! In the off season, Ed has been working with a company to create a new website. It will have an awesome new look, videos and tons of great information! Check edwardsgardencenter.com next week and let us know what you think!

Hope everyone is getting excited about spring! We sure are! It’s going to be a great year so make sure you come “Explore and Enjoy” the Garden Center and don’t forget to bring your friends.

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Meet Diane Donnelly: gardening aficionado at Edward’s Garden Center

Just because Diane Donnelly is one of the most recent people to join the Edward’s Garden Center team does not mean she is any less experienced or enthusiastic about gardening.

Quite the contrary, actually.

Diane from Edward's Garden Center on WNEP's Home and Backyard

Diane was chosen to design a container garden and represent Edward’s Garden Center on WNEP’s Home and Backyard.

Diane’s love of gardening began at an early age. She remembers her mother and grandmother having her help in the garden since she could walk. In fact, her early introduction to gardening is why she credits her mother with being her inspiration for many of her gardening projects. Diane’s mom still enjoys planting well into her 70s.

Professionally, Diane has been working for garden centers for years. Before coming to work at Edward’s Garden Center last spring, she worked for another one for eight years. As a hobby, Diane has over 30 years of experience designing gardens.

At the Garden Center, Diane is responsible for the upkeep of the annual greenhouse. She takes care of the plants, waters and restocks when necessary. She also designs container gardens, plant arrangements and helps customers with whatever questions they have. Helping customers design a container garden that they love is something she is passionate about.

One of Diane’s favorite things about her job is pitching in wherever she is needed.

“We all wear many hats and chipping in at any task is one of the best things about my job. One day I might be working on potting annuals, the next day setting up a new fountain or water feature.”

As many of Edward’s customers know, owner Ed Kopec is quite fond of water features. Diane and Ed are in complete agreement on this subject. That’s why she is most excited about the huge water feature that is being constructed at the Garden Center for the new season.

“Our new fountain display will be fantastic! I love water features incorporated into a landscape to provide interest.”

While Diane loves incorporating water features into a garden’s layout, she also has other tastes that often find their way into her designs. Her personal favorite style of garden, that often creeps into her designs at home, is country eclectic with a hint of whimsy.

Another personal favorite for her home garden is planting bushes and shrubs to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

At home, Diane has a large property that is a continuous work in progress and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I believe working in your yard should be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction. I love seeing something in my mind and making it come to life before my eyes.”

Diane is such an inspiration to our customers and our staff. I hope everyone enjoyed reading about her experience and her job at the Garden Center. In case you missed it, Diane represented Edward’s Garden Center on WNEP’s Home and Backyard this past summer. Take a look at the video on WNEP’s Home and Backyard site here: http://wnep.com/2014/11/01/seasonal-planters/. 

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Making your own personal sanctuary

Each one of us has a different idea of what a peaceful day is. For some, a peaceful day is spent just getting the kids out of the house. For others, a peaceful day means cuddling up on the coach to watch a movie. For most gardeners, a peaceful day would be spent sitting in their garden, listening to the sounds of nature and maybe enjoying a good book. What could be better than having your own personal sanctuary in your backyard to visit whenever you want? Nothing could be better.

How can your garden be turned into your own personal sanctuary? Try some of these ideas.

1. Watch a beautiful water feature
Is there anything more peaceful than sitting beside a waterfall or pond? Don’t worry if you only have a small space available. The experts at Edward’s Garden Center can find a water feature for your space. It might be a pond, a fountain, or dancing fountains. No matter what water feature you choose it will add peace and value to your garden.

Edward's Garden Center offers water features

There are over 18 water features at Edward’s Garden Center!

2. Let bamboo shade your sanctuary
OK, we know bamboo gets a bad rep for taking over gardens, but what other plant can double as an elegant screen and comes in so many varieties. Give bamboo a try and feel the tranquility creep into your garden.

Edward's Garden Center tips for creating a peaceful garden

Bamboo can offer shade and tranquility to your patio or garden.

3. Enjoy a peaceful sound with wind chimes
Another wonderfully peaceful sound is the sound of the wind bustling the wind chimes in your garden. By adding a few different sizes and shapes, you can have your very own symphony to listen to while you relaxing with an iced tea or a nice book.

Add wind chimes to your garden for a whimsical feel.

Add wind chimes to your garden for a whimsical feel.

4. Smell those fresh herbs
Make sure all of your senses are enjoying the peaceful feeling of your garden. Plant herbs that are known for having a beautiful smell like lavender, rosemary, basil or mint. The scents can relieve stress and set a calm mood for your evening of relaxation.

Edward's Garden Center Tips for making a tranquil garden

Grow herbs that have are known for having a calming scent.

5. Wiggle your toes in the sand
Maybe your idea of a peaceful sanctuary is resting your feet in the sand and laying back in a beach chair. Why not bring the beach to your garden? You can easily create a sand box or a sand garden, where you can pull up your chair and umbrella for a nice relaxing afternoon. Visit the Garden Center this spring to pick up sand for this project.

Sand is available at Edward's Garden Center

Create your own beach sanctuary by adding a sand garden to your yard.


Hopefully our post has given you some new ideas for your personal backyard sanctuary. Start planning now for spring!

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A big thank you and looking forward

As many of you know, the Garden Center is now closed for the winter season. Our employees will take a much deserved rest, before revving up for the busy spring months of 2015.

Edward's Garden Center Staff Thank everyone for their patronage.This past year was quite a successful one for the Garden Center. We enjoyed seeing everyone at our five events throughout the year and hope that everyone had a great time.

Owner Ed Kopec, especially wanted to thank everyone for their patronage this year. He and all of his staff wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and fruitful New Year!

Ed also wanted to clue everyone in on a few things that will be happening next year.

First of all, mark your calendars for June 6th and 7th for our spring Open House! Every year, our events get bigger and better. We will have vendors, sales, and fun for the kids. You won’t want to miss out!

We will also have some beautiful changes occurring at the Garden Center before we open for the spring. Maybe a few of you have noticed the giant water feature that we are constructing in the front of our building facing the highway. This one, while probably the biggest, will not be the only new water feature. We are also planning to expand our annual green house space for the upcoming season. And of course, we would not want to leave our animals out of all the fun. Our iguanas and tortoises will also be receiving a new winter habitat for next winter.

Lastly, look for our new website coming this spring to a computer and smart phone near you!

While the Garden Center will be closed until March 1, 2015, the blog and the Facebook will still be up and running. Check back for updates on all the changes!