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Adorable DIY trick or treat bag ideas

So there’s one day left until Halloween. You have the kids’ costumes all ready. The trick or treat route is all mapped out. You have checked the weather multiple times and readjusted the costumes. So what have you forgot? The trick or treat bags.

Sure you could send your kids out with plastic bags, plain pillow cases or whatever you can find around the house. But how cute would it be if their bags matched their costume? If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look the list we compiled. At least the ideas will come easily, if the actual sewing part doesn’t. 😉

For the little ones:

  1. Felt ghost bag
  2. Felt candy corn bag
  3. Cute owl bag
  4. Golden pumpkin
  5. Witch’s hat
  6. Monster tote
  7. Ghoulish drawstring bag
  8. Goggly eye tote


Themed bags:

  1. Poison tote
  2. Paper skull bags
  3. Vintage needle point tote
  4. Duct tape skull bag
  5. Light up bucket bag


A simple Google search for easy DIY Halloween bags will give you more ideas with instructions on how to create them. Some of the one we mentioned are as simple as painting a plastic pumpkin with a handle gold. Others require some actual sewing skill. If you have the time and want to make a Halloween bag that will be useful for years to come, give these ideas a shot.

Ideas for this post came from http://www.babble.com/crafts-activities/25-diy-halloween-trick-or-treat-bags-totes/