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Looking Forward to Fall at Edward’s Garden Center

The kids are on their way back to school this week and that means, sadly summer is coming to an end. Don’t fret though, because fall in Northeast PA is an awesome season and Edward’s Garden Center is fully prepared to help you enjoy everything fall has to offer.

Our staff has been extra busy preparing for fall the past few weeks. We’ve been selling off summer plants and moving in fall favorites. Our designers like Diane and Amy have been creating custom fall and Halloween decorations. Best of all, we have been busy planning for our month long Halloween celebration!

Everyone loves mums! And we are well stocked for the beginning of fall. Yellow, white, red, orange and more. Stop by and pick yours up today.

Is there anything that can help transition to a new season better than some new decor? It definitely does the trick around the Garden Center. Ask our staff to make a custom creation just for your home or garden.

As some of you may know, we put a lot of planning in to our events because we want them to be fun for the whole family. We have two events coming up that will help you celebrate fall and Halloween. We hope to see you there.

On September 24 and 25, we will hold our annual Fall Festival. We will have pony rides, face painting, music, snacks, a pet costume parade, visits from Blue Chip Animal Refuge and much more.

Beginning October 8, each weekend throughout October, we will hold a Halloween Celebration. The whole Garden Center will be transformed into a Halloween land. We will have a haunted maze, costume contests and a less scary area for the little ones. The staff is super excited to bring this month long event to our customers!

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Mums: Everyone’s favorite fall flowers

Before the family pool was closed, before the grass stopped growing and weeks before fall started to creep into Northeast PA, Edward’s Garden Center’s customers were looking for their mums.

Mums from Edward's Garden Center in Forty Fort

Beautiful mums by Donna Gatcha-Hines.

Mums are more than just a burst of color from September to October. They are a sign that summer has come to an end and the fresh autumn air is on its way. They are a favorite fall tradition, just like carving a pumpkin.

Customers poured into the Garden Center to chose their favorite mums and carry them off to their new homes. Red, yellow, magenta, orange, all packaged in pots.

We’ve received several photos from customers with their mum creations. We absolutely love to see everyone’s creativity!

Now we do take pride in having such creative garden-loving customers, but not everyone knows exactly what to do with their precious mums when get them home. So we have a few tips to share.

Mums are usually sold in large containers so they can easily be used to decorate entryways, patios and fall displays. Mums are easy to care for when they are in containers. Give them a drink of water each day and make sure they don’t wilt or catch cold. Other than that, all you have to do is enjoy their beautiful color.

While mums are often seen in large containers, they can also be planted in your garden. When planted in your garden, mums can actually become perennial plants. The flowers on the plants will die off but the plants will come back.

Fall plants from Edward's Garden Center

Fall container garden by Maria Rallo-Godfrey.

If you want your mums to come back for the following year, make sure you plant them in a spot that is well drained. Mums don’t like to be soaked. The ideal place would be sunny and sheltered from the wind. The thing to remember is that mums are “short-day” plants, meaning they flower when the hours of darkness are greater than the hours of daylight. So don’t plant them directly beneath a streetlight or commonly used porch light that would artificially lengthen the hours of “daylight.”

At the first frost, your garden mums will “die back,” meaning that the leaves turn black and the stems dry out. Don’t panic! The plant is very much alive beneath the soil, even if the dead heads look awful. Laying mulch on the ground around your mums will help keep your mums warm and protected from the cold NEPA weather.

Chrysanthemums aren’t just for containers. If you put them in the ground properly and let them grow, these fall favorites can adorn your garden year after year.

Some of the tips for this post came from Learn 2 Grow. Hope you enjoyed and learned something about everyone’s favorite fall flowers!


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Get your garden ready for Fall

Don’t let the 80 degree temperatures deceive you. Fall is on its way to Northeastern Pa. The Garden Center has hundreds of mums looking for new homes, the staff has been busy making scarecrows and the Fall festival is less than a month away. Obviously, we are getting our gardens ready for fall, but are you?

If you haven’t begun your fall garden (or even if you have), try incorporating some of these ideas.

Enjoy some fresh fall veggies
Many people think vegetable gardens are only for the summer. Anyone who believes that is missing out on some tastier garden treats. Carrots, broccoli, snow peas, snap peas cauliflower and beets are a few of the vegetables you can plan to harvest in the cool days of fall. Since most of these hardy vegetables take about 60 days to grow, you may want to purchase them as seedlings and keep an eye on the cool night temperatures. If you decide to plant them as seeds, do so in mid to late August depending on your climate.

Fall flowers sold at Edward's Garden Center in Forty Fort

Hellebores are a fun fall addition to any garden!

Bring some fall color to your garden
Fall is your last chance to enjoy your colorful garden before the gloomy winter comes. Chrysanthemums, aster, goldenrod, pansies and hellebores can be purchased young at the Garden Center and will last through the fall. Growing these plants from seedlings should begin in mid-summer in a dark place, like your basement. When fall begins, they will be strong enough to plant in your garden.

Take advantage of the cool temperatures & grow some ornamental grass
Select cool season ornamental grasses for easy-to-grow and easy-to-maintain fall color in your garden. Blue fescue and feather reed grass prefer temperatures from just above freezing to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool season ornamental grasses enjoy new growth in the spring, stop growing in the heat of the summer, and then continue to thrive when the weather turns cool in the fall. Look for clump growing ornamental grasses for easier maintenance; other types will spread and some, like ribbon grass, will take over any garden. Once your ornamental grasses are established, they need no fertilizer, pruning or coddling of any kind.

Put those old clothes to good use
Not sure what to do with those worn out gardening shoes, gloves and pants? Make a gardener scarecrow! You and the kids will have fun making it and it might keep a few pesky animals out of your fall vegetable garden.

Fall has arrived at Edward's Garden Center in Forty Fort

The scarecrows at Edward’s Garden Center, compliments of Nick and the rest of the staff.

Some ideas and information for this post came from: Fall Gardening Ideas | Garden Guides http://www.gardenguides.com/68818-fall-gardening-ideas.html#ixzz3CNzoo89s