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Fun Fall Crafts to do with the Kids

Fall is a great time to enjoy some crafts with your kids. You can easily bring all the colors of fall into your home in a classy, yet fun way. To help you and your family create some beautiful fall decor (and memories) we’ve collected a few projects for you to try out.

Leaf Coasters
Edward's Garden Center Fall CraftsAll you need for this easy project are a few white bathroom tiles, some leaves and mod podge. First, collect leaves from your yard or on a walk around the neighborhood. Next you’ll want to press the leaves inside a large book. You need to add weight on top of the book to make sure they are nice and pressed. Leave them there for 7-10 days. Next decide which leaves you want on which tile and lay them accordingly. Remove the leaves and paint a think layer of mod podge. Add your first leaf and then a layer of mod podge. Continue doing this until all of your leaves are laid out and painted over. Put one final coat of mod podge on and let them dry. You’ll know they are dry when they no longer look milky. These coasters make great homemade gifts for grandparents and teachers!

Edward's Garden Center Fall CraftsLeaf Tree
What kids don’t like to finger paint? Send the kids outside to find the biggest leaf they can. Have the kids paint the leaf in  a variety of colors. Before the paint dries, turn the leaf over and press it against clean paper. This creates a beautiful tree because the leaf veins work like branches. This is a great project for toddlers and younger children.

Leaf Lanterns
Leaf lanterns are a fun project for all ages. Collect a few mason jars, a bunch of leaves. mod lodge. Paint a layer of mod podge over the jar and stick the leaves on. You may want to do one at a time and paint a layer of mod podge over each leaf as you go. Once you have all the leaves on put a layer mod podge over the whole thing. Place a small candle in the jar.

Edward's Garden Center Fall Crafts

All three of these projects are easy to do with kids of all ages and lots of fun! Give a few a try and post pictures in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Idea for this post came from DIYcrafts.com.