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Tips for bringing outdoor plants indoors

Begonias in Fall - Edward's Garden Center

Bring your Begonia’s inside this fall.

The weather in our area is finally more like fall and less like an extended summer. Just because it got cold out, doesn’t mean all of your beautiful summer plants are ready to die off. Did you know you can actually bring some of those plants in to extend their life? Now you don’t want to go digging up everything that is still living outside, but we do have a few tips for what you can bring in.

  1. Keep only the healthiest plants. If it has been struggling outside for any length of time, let it go. Surely you have other plants that are thriving and you want to save them.
  2. Check your plants for bugs, pests and disease. Quarantining your plant in the house will actually cause the problem to spread quickly to the others.
  3. Play favorites with your plants. If you have a few that you have been coddling for years, give them the best spot in the front window.
  4. Some plants look just as good as house plants as they do in your yard. Many people have the light to successfully winter geraniums and begonias in full bloom.
  5. Some tender perennials like a period of dormancy in winter. You can winter over potted lavender and rosemary in your garage. If the temperature doesn’t go below 20 degrees F. or above 40 degrees F. they won’t freeze, but will stay dormant. Just don’t let the pots dry out.
  6. If you have the room, consider bringing in some small pepper or tomato plants. These are actually tropical perennials and given enough light, will continue to produce fruits all winter. You will want to chose a smaller variety of tomato plant since tomatoes need a lot of room to grow.
  7. If you don’t have a good amount of space of light, don’t fret. You can always start cuttings, which will take up significantly less space.

Don’t let the cool weather and frost get you down. You can get your garden fix by tending a smaller one in your home. Then when the weather gets nice you’ll have lots of plants ready to go.

What plants are you bringing in this year?

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