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Celebrities who Love Gardening as Much as You!

Most of us have a small (okay maybe big) interest in celebrities. We also have a very big interest in gardening. So we thought, why not combine the two interests and learn about who we share our favorite hobby with?

Edward's Garden Center celebrity gardeners

Oprah is an avid gardener, growing acres or organic crops on her estate.

One celebrity that is known for her love of gardening is Oprah. Not only does she have acres of gardens at her estate in Maui, she also posts about the fruits of her labors on Instagram all the time. Check it out when you get a chance.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen planted a Triscuit Urban Farming garden back in 2010 and sealed her fate as one of our favorite celebrities of all time. We hope she dances while she digs and weeds. While wearing Converse. And laughing. (Sheknows.com)

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal is an organic vegan.  He enjoys digging in the dirt in his garden.  Jake is actively involved in the Edible Schoolyard Project which encourages kids to adopt healthy diets and to grow vegetables and learn to cook food.  Jake grew up with parents that loved to garden. (backtomygarden.com)

Prince Charles
Prince Charles could be the king of gardening for the royal family. No one has done more to raise awareness about gardening than the Prince himself. He is a passionate advocate of the organic lifestyle.  Prince Charles has devoted time and personal fortune to saving old estate gardens across the UK, speaking tirelessly to groups and the media, and especially to the youth.  It’s rare to see royalty in wellies and holding a pitchfork! (backtomygarden.com)

Edward's Garden Center celebrity gardeners

Michelle Obama enjoys teaching children about the importance of healthy eating and growing your own veggies.

Michelle Obama
While her husband has many important topics to focus on, healthy eating has been Michelle Obama’s primary focus for years. She grows her own vegetables at the White House and has helped many school age children learn about the importance of gardening and eating healthy.

Julia Roberts
Beginning her gardening hobby as a way to provide her family with nutritious food, Julia Roberts often talks about her love of gardening. One tip for a healthy garden: use leftovers from the kitchen as compost for your garden.


For some regular people and celebrities, gardening promotes healthy eating and organic living, for others it is simply a relaxing way to spend the day. No matter what your reason is, we garden lovers can all agree, it’s simply the best hobby for your health and well being. Garden on friends!




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You know you are a gardener if…

By now, anyone who has a Facebook page or follows a blog has seen lists like “21 things you do  if you are a dog lover,” “11 things that only happen to pale people,” or “29 Things only S.W.E.A.T.-aholics can relate to.” (That last one is a plug for another blog I write for). Sometimes these posts get annoying, but mostly they are quick amusing reads that you only look at if you can immediately relate to the topic.

Well, gardeners, this one is for YOU! You know you are a gardener when - Edward's Garden Center

You know you are a gardener if….

  • You can make an entire meal using only items from your garden and it’s your favorite meal of the week.
  • You’re running out of places to garden, but the neighbor’s yard looks promising.
  • On vacation your car is programmed to arrive at every garden center and botanic garden along the way.
  • It’s common for you to find seeds in your pocket. Trouble is you often can’t remember where the seeds came from.
  • You wait impatiently for the day when the frost finally stops and you can start pulling weeds and planting seeds.
  • A new gas powered edger or tiller as an anniversary gift is not considered immediate grounds for divorce.
  • Instead of throwing out the sprouting potatoes in your vegetable bin, you plant them.
  • You’re love of gardening has been forcibly passed down to your children and at least one of them retains that love of gardening once leaving your household.
  • You know exactly how to run the leaf shredder, but you haven’t quite figured out how to use your cell phone voice mail.
  • Your yard is tidier than your home during gardening season.
  • Pine needles, mulch and/or seeds can be found on your clothes at any given time.
  • There are more pairs of gardening gloves throughout your house than there are shoes.
  • While visiting a friend’s house, the weeds jump out at you and you have to pull them.
  • You are outside in 6 inches of snow looking at your garden because you had a sudden epiphany (thanks to Pinterest).
  • You complain about getting up early for work, but get up even earlier on the weekends to get started on your gardening.
  • When looking for a new car, you consider how many flats of flowers, bags of mulch and tools the potential car can hold.
  • You enjoy working in your garden so much you forget to eat.
  • You visit your local garden center often and follow their Facebook page, blog, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

-Aimee, blogger for Edward’s Garden Center, ReBath Northeast and S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio.

Sources for this post: https://web.extension.illinois.edu/cfiv/homeowners/120103.html, http://gardening.about.com/u/ua/gardenprimer/You-Know-You-Are-A-Gardener.htm