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Spend Your Memorial Weekend in the Garden

Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off of planting season in Northeast PA. We know many of you (and us) have already started planting annuals, pulling weeds and maybe buying vegetable plants.

With the weather being finicky up until this week, planting early was actually a little risky. We are sure you or someone you know was outside rushing around last week putting buckets or bags over their plants because of the sudden cold spell.

It appears spring/summer has worked its way into our area so you should be okay to start filling up your vegetable gardens and hanging baskets.

Here are some of ideas of what to start with on this hot, humid Memorial Day weekend.

Edward's Garden Center - Grow Sunflowers Memorial Weekend

Photo cred: fusianliving.com

Start a new tradition: planting sunflower seeds
These fun, sunny plants are easy to grow and are the perfect way to kick off the growing season. Plant seeds in warm soil about 1 to 2 inches deep and keep the soil moist until the seeds sprout. Once the plants get growing, water thoroughly and as needed. Established plants are drought tolerant though you’ll get the best eating seeds when properly watered. The best part about growing sunflowers is the beauty they will bring to your garden.

Plant your vegetables
It’s officially time to start those tomato plants. Though you may have had some growing in your greenhouse or home for weeks, it’s time to move those plants outside for optimal harvest. It’s also a great time to start a vegetable container garden. If you are not sure how to start a vegetable container garden, sign up for our hands-on seminar, on June 5 at 11 am.

Edge out your gardens and boundaries
The grass has been growing like crazy thanks to the wet week a few weeks ago and the heat this week. It’s probably time to redefine the edges around your gardens. Using a spade or a half-moon edger could be a lot of work but the end result will be beautiful.

Visit your favorite Garden Center!
Many people’s favor thing to do on Memorial Day weekend is shop for all the annuals and perennials they will add to their gardens this year. Visit Edward’s Garden Center this weekend. We are fully stocked with annuals, perennials, mulch, fertilizer and pond supplies. Don’t forget to bring the kids to enjoy all our animals.

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Resolutions for the avid gardener in 2015

Happy New Year gardening fans! We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable time ringing in the New Year and hope that this coming year is a great one!

Now that the New Year is here, many of you may be looking to better yourselves. The time of year is traditional for people to try to exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking, etc. As an avid gardener, maybe you don’t need to make yourself better, maybe you just need to add more gardening to your life?

Take a look at our resolution ideas and become inspired to work on some aspects of your garden that you never dreamed of.

1. Resolve to get those weeds under control
So you may not be able begin this resolution right now because of the area’s recent cold spell, but it’s still a good one to take up. As soon as the ground can be worked in the spring, start hoeing and cultivating bare soil to kill weed seeds before they germinate. Pull small weeds before they establish firm root systems. Your garden will thank you when you begin planting. 😉

2. Rework your least favorite part of your garden
Even the most devoted gardener has that one part of their yard or garden that they put off redesigning ever year. Maybe the soil in it is bad or maybe the sun doesn’t shine on it for more than a few minutes each day. Whatever the reason, resolve to tackle it! There are so many things you can do with unused space in your yard, like creating a rock garden or shaded plant area. After all, isn’t more space what every gardener wants?

3. Clean out your gardening bench or junk drawer
Has your gardening bench seen better days? Maybe you could spend some time this winter organizing it and sprucing it up. Clean out all the drawers, see what you have and restock your supply. Then when the warm weather starts to arrive your work area will be ready to go.

4. Edge your garden beds
Again, you might not be able to conquer this resolution until later in the year, but it is still a good one to make. Nothing says “half finished” like a beautiful garden with no edging. Start thinking about your plan now and get all the tools. Then remember to be excited to accomplish this task in the spring.

5. Sit and enjoy your garden
For all the time you spend working on your garden, you deserve to enjoy relaxing in it, right? Promise to spend at least 20 minutes each day truly enjoying your garden. Have a glass of iced tea and watch the birds. Sit and smell your beautiful flowers. Grab a book or your e-reader and sit among your gorgeous trees.

Everyone at Edward’s Garden Center is looking forward to big things in 2015! We hope you all have a great year too.

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A big thank you and looking forward

As many of you know, the Garden Center is now closed for the winter season. Our employees will take a much deserved rest, before revving up for the busy spring months of 2015.

Edward's Garden Center Staff Thank everyone for their patronage.This past year was quite a successful one for the Garden Center. We enjoyed seeing everyone at our five events throughout the year and hope that everyone had a great time.

Owner Ed Kopec, especially wanted to thank everyone for their patronage this year. He and all of his staff wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and fruitful New Year!

Ed also wanted to clue everyone in on a few things that will be happening next year.

First of all, mark your calendars for June 6th and 7th for our spring Open House! Every year, our events get bigger and better. We will have vendors, sales, and fun for the kids. You won’t want to miss out!

We will also have some beautiful changes occurring at the Garden Center before we open for the spring. Maybe a few of you have noticed the giant water feature that we are constructing in the front of our building facing the highway. This one, while probably the biggest, will not be the only new water feature. We are also planning to expand our annual green house space for the upcoming season. And of course, we would not want to leave our animals out of all the fun. Our iguanas and tortoises will also be receiving a new winter habitat for next winter.

Lastly, look for our new website coming this spring to a computer and smart phone near you!

While the Garden Center will be closed until March 1, 2015, the blog and the Facebook will still be up and running. Check back for updates on all the changes!

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Happy Thanksgiving and announcing the contest winner

First of all we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with visits from family and friends, delicious food, laughter and joy. Happy Thanksgiving from Edward's Garden Center

Secondly, we would like to thank the few people who did enter the Blog Contest. We will run another one eventually and hopefully, we get more participants. The winner of the contest is….. Lisa Prevuznak, who said her favorite post was “Mums: Everyone’s favorite fall flowers.”

Christmas Tree delivery at Edward's Garden Center

Christmas Tree delivery at Edward’s Garden Center on Nov. 26, 2014.

Lastly, as you may have seen on our Facebook, the Garden Center staff has been very busy getting ready for the holiday season. We have decorative vases, wreaths and cemetery logs ready for you to purchase. If you don’t see anything you like, please ask one of our staff to create something especially for you. Also, our Christmas trees arrived yesterday, during the snow storm! They are all ready to be taken to their new homes beginning Friday.

We will be open regular hours Friday and throughout the weekend. Don’t forget Saturday is Shop Small Business day. Support your local small businesses! Many of them will be having awesome sales.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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The Scoop: Garden Center Open House June 21

First of all, we want to thank everyone that came to our Open House is May. Our entire staff had a fabulous day speaking with everyone and offering advice.

Because the May Open House was such a success, we decided to add to our events for the Open House on Saturday.

Enjoy refreshments while you explore the gardens and visit the animals. We may even have a nice cold, sweet treat available throughout the day 😉

Dani-Elle will again provide entertainment by singing her popular country hits. For those of you that don’t know, Dani-Elle Kleha is a nationally known singer, from Jermyn Pa. She  has two albums, that she made in Nashville.  Anyone who attended our Christmas party or May Open House knows what a wonderfully entertaining young woman she is and can tell you, you don’t want to miss her performance.

Our new additions to the Open House will delight kids and parents. We will have members of Blue Chip Animal Farms Animal Rescue, in Dallas, visiting with a few furry friends who are up for adoption. They will answer questions about adopting a pet and volunteering at the rescue. Kids will certainly enjoying petting the pets they bring.

We have also added face painting for the kids. Jessica from Face Painting by Jessica in Kingston will be available to create adorable designs on kids faces or hands. All donations from the face painting will go to Blue Chip.

Another exciting part of our Open House is of course the sales! This time we will have a buy one get one free sale on perennials. We will also have 30% off all fruit trees and blueberry bushes.

We will also be raffling off $50 gift certificates. If you come to Open House, make sure you enter the raffle!

As always, there is no admission and parking is free. Can’t wait to see everyone this Saturday!

The Facts

What: Open House

Where: Edward’s Garden Center, 525 River St. Forty Fort, PA 18704 (at the end of the road)

When: June 21, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Why: Free entertainment, free food, great plants, animals and everything for the outdoors and FUN!

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Garden Center Open House on Saturday May 17

IMG_3836Our first Open House of the season will be held this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There is no admission and parking is free so stop by to see all the new plants we have to offer!

Dani-Ella will be performing at Edward's Garden Center Open House

Dani-Ella will be performing at Edward’s Garden Center Open House May 17.

Explore the Garden Center as you enjoy light refreshments and entertainment.

Dani-Elle Kleha, nationally known singer, from Jermyn PA, will be providing entertainment. Dani-ella has two albums, that she made in Nashville and will be performing some of her most popular songs.  Anyone who attended our Christmas party knows what a wonderfully entertaining young woman she is.

While visiting the Garden Center for the Open House, you can enter to win one of two $50 gift certificates and take advantage of our buy one get one free rose bush sale.  There is a sale on Massarelli bird baths, regular price $106, open house special $49.99. Quantities are limited. 

A late addition to our Open House events: Free soil testing all day! If you are having trouble with grass or other plants, bring a sample of the soil in and we’ll tell you what’s wrong.

Many members of our friendly staff will be on hand to answer questions and help load items into your car.

The Garden Center has so many flowers, plants, trees and even animals for you and your family to see. Bring the kids and let them explore the Garden Center through our scavenger hunt! They may even win a prize 🙂

The Facts

What: Open House

Where: Edward’s Garden Center, 525 River St. Forty Fort, PA 18704 (at the end of the road)

When: May 17, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Why: Free entertainment, free food, great plants, animals and everything for the outdoors and FUN!

Check out our website for more Garden Center Events.

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