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Beautify your borders

Good fences make for good advice?

We have all heard the saying, good fences make good neighbors. As much as we may like our neighbors, the statement usually rings true. After all, who could forget what wonderful friends Tim Taylor and Wilson were through their fence on Home Improvement? They shared some laughs and great advice, but they still benefited from having that tall wooden fence between them.

Of course, not all neighbors are as wonderful as Wilson. But even if they are, you can make your neighbors and yourself happier by maintaining and beautifying that fence or border between your two properties. (Those brown slat fences are so 1990s.)

Whether you are installing a new wall or fence or making an old one come back to life, take a look at some ideas that will get your creativity flowing.

Edward's Landscaping specializes in water features

Water features are a great way to make a solid boundary beautiful.

Brick or solid boundaries
Solid walls are a great way to great privacy. Important things to consider when building a solid boundary like a brick wall or any kind of solid screen are the size, shape and color of the material you are building with. Choosing a fancy brick or stone will add expense to your project. Using rubble or stones you have been collecting can save you a lot of money on material costs. Before choosing a color, consider what you want this boundary to look like on your side of the property. Do you want it to be a statement piece or just blend in? Using concrete materials will give you endless possibilities.

A great way to beautify an exiting brick or concrete boundary, is by adding a water feature to it. Water features are not only beautiful, but they also add a peaceful element to your garden.

Solid boundaries are not the easiest of projects, especially if you want to add a water feature. Before embarking on this adventure, consider calling a professional.

Add color to your stone
Many homes in our area have stone walls separating their properties. Some of these walls have been there for decades and need a little sprucing up. Pull out any weeds that have begun to grow and take of as much moss as you would like. (You may find that leaving some moss gives the wall more character).

To add some color plant flowers in large crevices. When choosing the flowers, make sure that you decide on plants that don’t need large amounts of water, because water may not reach the crevices all the time. Also pay attention to how much sunlight the wall gets throughout the day.

Edward's Landscaping specializes in hardscaping

Planting flowers in the crevices of a stone wall make it pop with color.

Wooden fences
Traditional tall wooden fences are great for privacy or for keeping your dog in the yard. They don’t require strong foundations so they can be installed almost everywhere. If you want to create a unique look, install your fence with boards of varying heights and widths or varying shades of color. For the sake of your neighborly relationships, don’t get too creative without asking their opinion first.

Perforated and picket fences
White perforated fences don’t give you the most privacy, they allow you to enjoy the warm breeze and the beauty in your neighborhood. Because of their solidity, solid walls and fences force the wind to blow up and around them. On a warm day, you might miss out on that color breeze.

To beautify your perforated or picket fence, plant some vine flowers like Morning Glories or Clematis. Year after year, you can watch them grow and twist around your fence.

Ideas and photos for this post came from HGTV’s landscaping section.