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Top Ten Favorite Flowers for Fall

Just because summer is over and spring is long gone doesn’t mean your garden is doomed to be dull. There are so many flowers that will bring color to your garden through the first frost. Most of these are available at the Garden Center. Stop by and ask one of our experts to point them out for you.

Edward's Garden Center has Mums

There are so many mums available at the Garden Center!

1. Chrysanthemums
Everyone loves a beautiful “mum” in their garden. These flowers come in many colors and flower shape. They are a great addition to any outdoor space, in the ground or in containers and they also look great as centerpieces for holiday tables.

We have mums all over the Garden Center. If you are looking for a particular color ask Debi, Rawlyn or Diane for help!

2. Aster
The New England aster is another flower that comes in many colors including pink, blue, purple and white. They thrive in full sun and well drained soil. When flowering, the asters attract butterflies.

Edward's Garden Center has fall flowers

Toad Lilies come in so many colors. This one is a Japanese Toad Lily.

3. Toad Lily
No fall garden can be complete without Toad Lily. These Asian curiosities bloom with orchid-like flowers that demand a close look, when the garden is winding down in fall. They do best in light shade in humus-rich soil that retains moisture, and are suitable for borders or less formal parts of the garden and among shrubs gradually becoming large clumps. (BHG) They are also great for deterring deer since deer can’t stand the taste of them.

4. Golden Rod
This tough yellow plant can last through the heat of the summer and well into the fall.

5. Colchicum
Colchicums look a lot like crocuses only with bigger flowers. Their large cup-shaped blooms appear seemingly out of nowhere, in bright pink, purple and white.  These flowers can grow in the shade or sun so you can add them to any part of your garden. They also come back every year!

Edward's Garden Center has fall flowers

Japanese Anemone come in pink and white.

6. Japanese Anemone
This flower produces large poppy-shaped pink or white blooms, with large stems, making it a beautiful flower in the garden and an even more beautiful flower in a vase. If you add this to your garden, give it lots of room to grow as it tends to take over.

7. Mexican Sage
Sage is traditionally a tough, hardy plant and this variety is no different. Mexican sage grows well into the fall and gives you garden a beautiful fuchsia feature. This plant can grow to be about three feet tall and likes full sun.

8. Perennial Sunflower
While the annual sunflowers get all the glamorous press, the perennial sunflower is a true garden gem. The ‘Lemon Queen’, for example, produces gorgeous creamy-yellow blooms in late summer and early fall. The can grow 8 feet tall and enjoy lots of sun.

Edward's Garden Center has fall flower

Sedum comes in a variety of pink and orange colors.

9. Turtlehead
This plant earned its cute name because of its funny shaped white and pink blooms. Even when the blooms die off, this plant has luscious greens that last until the frost. Make sure to plant your turtlehead in full sun to get the best blooms.

10. Sedum
Another extremely popular fall flower, sedum bursts into flowers at summer’s end. This plant likes full sun and well drained-soil. It can grow to be about a foot and a half tall.

Hopefully we got your creative juices flowing with ideas on making your fall garden more colorful! As always, if you have questions stop by the Garden Center and speak with our experts.