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Garden Center News and Previews

Photo Aug 02, 2 19 41 PM

Eric, Diane and the rest of our staff are hard at work expanding our Home of Gnomes area.

Many Garden Centers are quiet and slow during these hot July and August days. Not Edward’s! We are busy planning for the future ūüôā Because you readers are our loyal blog and Facebook followers, we are going to let you in on a few little-known upcoming events and changes. Keep reading for the scoop.

Expanding the Home of Gnomes (Kids Area)
We always planned for our Home of Gnomes to be much bigger and more kid friendly. Last fall when it opened, we honestly got too busy with customers and other projects to finish working on our beloved kids area. Now that the spring rush has calmed down, we are expanding the Home of Gnomes. We are adding more decorations, lights and even a tree house! All of these projects will be completed before the Fall Festival this year. Check our Facebook page to keep an eye on our progress.

Edward's Garden Center Home of Gnomes

Things that Go Bump in the Night
Halloween is a HUGEly popular holiday in NEPA. Edward’s Garden Center wants to get in on the fun! This year we will have a huge Halloween Festival on the weekends in October. There will be decorations, food trucks, costumes, a maze and perhaps some ghoulish face painting. It will be great fun for the whole family and we are super excited to share this with you.

Make Your Own Garden Seminars August 7 & 14
Our most fun hands-on seminars are coming up this Sunday and next Sunday. On Sunday August 7, the Garden Center will hold a Make Your Own Air Plant Display workshop. For a $20 fee, you can make an air plant display to take home and learn all about air plants.


On August 14, our super popular Fairy, Gnome and Miniature Garden workshop with Diane will take place. Last year, the group that participate had a blast digging in the dirt and creating their own miniature gardens to take home. For $20 you can make a gorgeous display in a container we provide or you can be creative and bring something from home.

There are spots left for both of these hands-on workshops. Make sure to call and save your spots before they fill up! 570-287-4329 ext 1.

Other Miscellaneous News
In just about three to four weeks our shipment of Mums will be arriving! This is definitely a favorite time of year for us and we know many of you wait for this arrival too. Also, be on the look out for another Facebook contest sometime in August. And as always, stop by the Garden Center to visit with the animals, chat with our staff and see all of the items we get in new week after week.

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5 Hot Gardening Trends for 2015

So we are half way through the year and you may have noticed many items trending in the outdoor living and gardening industry this year. Maybe on your latest visit to the Garden Center you noticed a popular item or theme that you might like to add to your garden. Well this post will tell you about many hot gardening trends for 2015 and if we have the items available at our Garden Center.

1. Bubbling Boulders
Adding a water feature to your garden is always a nice touch. One way to add a bit of water pizazz without digging an actual pond is by adding a bubbling boulder.¬†Water gets pumped through a hole in the center of the rock and trickles down, giving your garden a calming sound and serene look. They come in all shapes and sizes and can fit in even the tightest spaces. When installed properly, they truly ¬†look like a work of art. We have many different bubbling boulders available at Edward’s Garden Center.

2. Miniature Gardens or Fairy Gardens
This trend has been popular for the last few years. Miniature Gardens, also called Fairy Gardens, are so much fun to design and build. You can create any theme you want and find adorable mini items just by searching the web. These gardens are great year-round projects. Create them in small size containers so you can bring them in the house during the cold months. Edward’s carries many items for miniature gardens in the gift shop.¬†Miniature Garden Items at Edward's Garden Center

3. Cocktail Gardens
Themed gardens have been around for ages, but one of the hottest new trends is the Cocktail Garden. These gardens are filled with herbs, spices and roots that can compliment your evening cocktail. Lavendar, Rosemary, Orange mint, Cuban mint, Spearmint, Thai basil, lemongrass and alpine strawberries are just a few items you might want to plant in your cocktail garden. A garden like this is a great topic of conversation and you can get a nice fresh piece of mint for your mojito anytime you want. ūüėČ

Miniature Meadows - Edward's Garden Center

via meadowinmygarden.co.uk

4. Miniature Meadows
Miniature Meadows are filled with native wildflowers and perennials. No garden space is too small to create one of your own. According to Top Inspired, “You can create a mini meadow from scratch, use pots, containers or garden beds or even create a¬†mini meadow¬†in your lawn. With wildflower meadows being lost all around the world you will be creating¬†habitats¬†for birds, butterflies, and bees. A¬†trend¬†definitely worth following this year!”

5. The Color Pink
The hottest color pallet for gardens in 2015 is pink. Who doesn’t love a pink flower? If you don’t have enough pink in your garden already, don’t worry there’s still time to add some. Stop by our greenhouse and see what pink flowers catch your eye.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this year’s gardening trends. If you have any you’d like to add, leave us a comment!

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Get inspired to Container Garden!

This Sunday, the Garden Center is hosting a container gardening seminar. Container gardening can be a great hobby that will make your garden beautiful, unique and colorful. In honor of this seminar, we thought we would share some container gardening inspiration.

Traditional Container Garden
A traditional container garden is your typical, everyday flower pot with flowers in it. There are millions of combinations that can make up a container garden. Generally, you want to chose plants that like the same amount of sunlight and water as the ones they are sharing a home with.

Edward's Garden Center Container Garden

Reserve your spot at the Container Gardening Seminar on May 17 at 11 a.m.

Fairy Garden or Miniature Garden
A popular trend over the last few years, fairy gardens or miniature gardens fall into the container garden category. These gardens are typically themed and involve miniature versions of items. For example, you could make an entire beach scene using small plants that look like those on the beach and by adding a small beach chair or umbrella, you can tie everything into your theme. Some fairy gardens are actually made in the ground, but most live in pots, barrels and other containers.

Succulent Containers
Succulents make the perfect low maintenance container garden. Almost any container that has good drainage can be used for succulents. Since succulents are slow growers, you can be sure they won’t out grow their container too soon and you can fit a few plants into a small space.

Edward's Garden Center Container Garden

How creative can you get with your container garden?

Unique Container Gardens
You can get really creative with container gardening and that’s the reason why it is such a great hobby! You can use almost ANYTHING as the starting point for a container garden: an old wheel barrow, a wooden barrel, a metal watering can, birdbaths, baskets and urns. As long as the container you choose has drainage, it can become a beautiful garden.

Hopefully, we inspired you to try a few container gardens of your own this season. If you need help getting started, sign up for our free seminar.

May 17, 2015: 11:00 am
Call (570) 287-4329 ext. 1 to sign up

Miniatures at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

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Adorable miniature gardens at the Philadelphia Flower show! Great post with photos =)

The Mini Garden Guru

Miniature Gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show A close up of Louise‚Äôs award-winning miniature Rear Window scene with close attention to detail, replicating the scene in the movie to a ‚ÄúT.‚ÄĚ

Miniature Gardening is Still Growing at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

Dateline: 3.4.15 ‚Äď Reporting in from our Timber Press tour to Philadelphia with our unique perspective ‚Äď as usual! Here is our review of the garden event of the year, the best in the country, the Philadelphia Flower Show that is! It‚Äôs still on until March 8, 2015.

Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show And our good friend, Louise Krasneiwicz won the Best of Show this year for her steller Rear Window display! Congratulations, Dr. K! It. Is. Awesome. (More details to come.)

The Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits is a series of 10 dioramas set into window boxes built into walls for easy viewing. Despite the long list of the parameters that everyone has to work within…

View original post 778 more words

This gallery contains 16 photos

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Where do you get your garden inspiration?

There are so many beautiful and creative garden designs out there. Our recent Facebook contest has shown us just how different gardens can be. From raised garden beds to a tire-swing garden, we have really seen some fun ideas.

All of the staff at the Garden Center love finding new ideas for container gardens, landscaping, water features, fairy gardens and more!

We find inspiration all over the internet, on TV and of course, from our customers.

Here are a few ideas we came across recently on Pinterest that we found fun and creative.

Flower stepping stones
This idea is super easy. All you need are a few round stepping stones and some oval paving stones for the pedals. You can find the materials at the Garden Center. If we don’t have them, we will know who will. You can get creative with the colors too!

DIY Flower Stepping Stones - Edward's Garden CenterFun Fairy Gardens
Who doesn’t love an awesome fairy garden? There are SO many ways to get creative with fairy gardens. Check out this page for a few castle-like ideas.

Purchase Fairy Garden Materials at Edward's Garden Center

Kids grew out of them, let the flowers grow in them!
This colorful idea is a great way to get the kid’s involved. Let them pick out a pair of old boots and decide which flowers to plant in them.¬†Creative Gardening - Edwards Garden Center

Give an old pallet new meaning
This project is pretty simple and the decorating possibilities are endless. Every year you can pick a new theme and redecorate it. Take a look at this blog to see exactly how to hang the pallet and the pots.  Just keep in mind you will want some help to hang it up.

Vertical Plant Garden - Edward's Garden Center

Hope you find some of these ideas exciting and give them a try! If you do, remember to post a picture of the finished product on our Facebook page.

Now that we shared some of our ideas. Share some of yours in the comment section!

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In Season: Miniature Gardens

Miniature Gardens are a hot trend

The stone path connects the separate areas of Shelly Skindelien‚Äôs garden and the repetition of the three Sedum ‚ÄėMentha Requein‚Äô gives the garden a sense of unity. Photo from The Miniature Garden Shoppe.

One of the hottest  gardening trends for this year is miniature gardens or fairy gardens. Though some people have been making these tiny creations for many years, the trend has really just reached our area.

You may have seen pictures on a gardening site, on Houzz or on Pinterest. There are even a few blogs and websites dedicated to making these creative little gardens.

So you are wondering: what are these fairy gardens? Are they difficult to make? We can answer all of those questions and tell you where you can find some items to include in your own, (hint: we have some miniature garden supplies in the Garden Center).

Miniature or Fairy Gardens
A Fairy Garden is a miniature replica of a garden, complete with mini furniture, decor, flowers, plants and structures. They can be made in large pots, baskets, window boxes, and right on the ground.

Creating your Fairy Garden
First, you’ll need to decide what you want in your Fairy Garden. This will help you determine what size pot or box you will need. Many people set a theme for their garden at this point. For ideas, check Pinterest or search the internet. With just a quick search I came up with a bunch of websites that have fabulous pictures. The Miniature Garden Shoppe has a wonderful inspiration gallery.

Once you have your theme set and have chosen a few plants, pieces of furniture and accessories, you can purchase the container you want to use. Make sure that the bottom of your container will allow for some water drainage. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to get flooded. Next, you’ll need to fill the container with potting soil. The average potting mix you would use for a window box will work great. It should have¬†peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. Stay away from mixes that have¬†actual soil¬†or¬†dirt because¬†¬†they will not drain well enough.

Now we move onto the fun and creative part: Laying out your garden.

Fill your container with the soil and place the items on top, creating whatever layout and design you like. Try out lots of ideas and see how creative you can get. When you have everything placed where you like it, you can begin planting the plants.

Plant the plants with the largest root mass first, as the cause the most soil displacement. After you have all the plants securely in their new homes, gently water them with a watering can.

If you are adding any hardscaping items like a brick path or any furniture, it is best to do so when the soil is damp and compressed.

Fairy Garden Accessories at Edward's Garden Center

So many accessories for your Fairy Garden at Edward’s Garden Center!

Finally, when you are finished setting up your Fairy Garden, you can chose where to display it.

Most miniature gardens grown in containers, including those with sedums, tend to do best with morning sun and some shade in the afternoon, according to The Miniature Garden Shoppe. Ultimately, the best location will be determined by what kids of plants you chose. 

Tip for watering: Use a sprinkle watering can and go over it gently. If you dump to much water, your decor will scatter or float.

Purchasing plants and accessories
When choosing plants and flowers for your Fairy Gardens, stick with plants that are small in size and won’t grow too much bigger. Fairy Gardening has a great website that will help you chose the right ones.

There are many places online where you can purchase little accessories, furniture and structures to go with your Fairy Garden. A simple Google search will lead you to many options. As always, make sure the site you order from is secure and reputable.

Locally, in our Garden Center we have a collection of items for your miniature gardens. Stop by and check it out!

For your viewing pleasure, a great example of a Fairy Patio Garden!