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April Happenings at the Garden Center

Things are starting to get busy around the Garden Center. Although the weather has been unpredictable and at times down right cold, our season is officially underway. We have lots going on and want to keep all of our customers and readers informed.

Animals at Edward's Garden Center

One of our “kids” with a member of our staff.

New additions and naming contest
As you probably already know, we have three “kids” that have joined our family. Our three baby goats have settled in to their new homes and are enjoying the visitors. However, they still don’t have names! Head over to our Facebook page and enter our naming contest. If all three of your names are chosen, you will receive a $100 gift certificate. If one of your names is chosen, you will win a $50 gift certificate.

Opinions needed!
Also, on our Facebook page, there is a post asking for your opinion and ideas. We are asking our customers to let us know what kind of merchandise you would like to see in our gift shop. Currently, we like to sell unique gift items, most of which are garden related. We also have a large selection of air plants and bird houses.

Pond seminar
Call soon to reserve your spot for our Opening Your Pond Seminar on Sunday April 17 at 11 am. Help open the ponds at Edward’s Garden Center at our first hands on seminar of the year. You will get tips and tricks to help open and care for your pond, from the experts themselves. Call (570) 287-4329, ext 1.

New plant and flower arrivals everyday
We know with the way the weather has been this week, it is difficult to think about spring flowers. Each day we get new shipments of plants, shrubs and flowers so ignore the weather and come see what we have!

Event schedule released
In case you missed our last post, our event schedule was released last week. We have many seminars and workshops planned, as well as Open House, Fall Festival and a Holiday Celebration. Check out the full schedule on our Current Events page.


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Garden Center News

There is so much happening at the Garden Center! May is definitely our busiest month of the year for both arrivals, things going on and customers who visit us. Since there is so much going on, we wanted to compile a bunch things to make sure everyone knows what’s happening.

Scavenger Hunt Contest
To celebrate our new website’s completion, we’ve decided to do a scavenger hunt contest! To participate in the contest, visit the Facebook page and click the tab on our timeline that says “contest” or click on the top post on the page. For the contest you will need to visit the website and find the correct answers to the questions. If you answer all the questions right, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Garden Center. Contest ends May 31.

Edward's Garden Center has Water Plants

Stop by and chose some plants for your pond.

Water plants are in stock
Just in time for the unofficial start of summer, our water plants are fully in stock and ready to decorate your ponds. Stop by and ask one of our helpful Garden Center associates which plants are best for your garden.

New arrivals!
Our pheasant clan has expanded. Lucille has once again welcomed some new babies. Bring the kids to check out the chicks.

We Plan, You Plant taking off!
Our newest service is quickly becoming our most popular. Many of our customers just LOVE to garden so why would they want someone else to take away all the fun? Bring some photos of your garden into the Garden Center and we can help layout out all the plants and flowers you want in one beautiful and comprehensive design. Stop by today and Ed, himself will help you design it!

Open House is just two weeks away!
Our Open House celebration is June 6 and 7. We have vendors coming in from all over to provide fun and food. For the kids, we have face painting and animals to visit. Blue Chip Animal Rescue will be bringing a few animals to meet with everyone. More details about the event will be released as the event gets closer.

Edward's Garden Center Open House

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Get sprucing, spring is on its way!

It seems the weather in NEPA is finally breaking! Temperatures above 40 and into the 50s, who remembers what those feel like? The weather warming up means spring is on its way and you need to start thinking about getting your garden ready to plant.

Dust off those gardening tools! Spring is coming.

Dust off those gardening tools! Spring is coming.

Our friends at Espoma gave us some great spring cleanup tips to pass along to you. We threw in a few of our own too.

  1. Remove dead plants that didn’t make it and any debris that may have waited out the winter in your garden beds.
  2. Remove dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs by cutting at a 45º angle with pruners.
  3. Armed with your pruners, cut flowering perennials to 4-5” and trim ornamental grasses to 2-3”.  Just like haircuts make hair grow faster and healthier, pruning plants does the same.
  4. Now that the ground has thawed, scoop up a small handful of soil to test. You can bring it to your favorite Garden Center (hint hint) to be tested for deficiencies and overages.
  5. While walking around your yard, visualize how you want it to look this year. Then sketch it out and bring it to the Garden Center. Our experts can help you plan the whole thing and we will even deliver your plants to your home.

We know we don’t need to convince you to get out in the garden and get started. We just want to keep inspiring you so that you can keep inspiring us with the great ideas and smiling faces you bring into the Garden Center!

We’re ready to get started! Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and enter our contest! Correctly guess how many animals live at the Garden Center and you could win a $50 gift card.