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Garden games for the whole family

When the weather is beautiful, it’s time to get the family outside for some great garden games! The long months of summer vacation are just about here and you know you will eventually here the usual “I’m bored” out of the kids. We found a great article that has some great ideas to keep the kids at bay. Give a few of these a try.

Garden Games by Edward's Garden Center

Garden Twister with ground marking spray will not hurt your grass. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/2/

Yard Twister
Who can forget the fun and often hilarious times spent on the old Twister mat. It’s super easy to recreate in your backyard for a fun neighborhood barbecue or party. You’ll need four colors of ground marking spray. Don’t worry it won’t hurt your grass. In fact, it’ll grow out in just a few weeks. Making the board yourself gives you the ability to make it harder by spreading the colors out. The kids and the adults will have hours of fun with this game!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
So you have a dozen young kids coming over for a party and you have no idea how to keep them outside…try a nature scavenger hunt. Walk around your yard and make a list of items like specific flowers, trees, rocks, etc. Make sure the items are things they can pick up and put in a bag. Then create a check sheet. You can find an already made up list here. Don’t forget to get some awesome prizes for the kids who find the items the fastest.

Garden Games from Edward's Garden Center

A DIY Dunk Booth would be the hit of any summer party. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/16/

DIY Dunk Bucket
This game is sure to be a huge hit with kids of all ages (even those adult kids.) Creating a DIY bucket is a little more involved than some of the other games on the list, but think about how awesome it would be! Full instructions for this project can be found here. To get started you’ll need to chose a large tree in your yard and get the following items: some wood to make a target, thicker piece of wood like a shelf for the bucket, hinges, tennis balls and if you really want to get fancy (though you don’t need to) some piping to put water in the bucket.

The tin can toss is a lot more challenging than it looks but it's easy to build. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/20/

The tin can toss is a lot more challenging than it looks but it’s easy to build. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/20/

Tin Can Toss
Hanging tin cans from a homemade branch structure can make a fun game. For this game you’ll need three sturdy branches, medium size in length. Two of the branches need a ‘Y’ shape so they can hold onto the third branch. You’ll also need two large cans or buckets full of soil and tin cans of varying sizes with ropes as handles. Set the one ‘Y’ branch into the big can or bucket and pack the soil around it. Do this with the other ‘Y’ branch. Set the third branch on top of one of the first branches and string the tin cans on it. Then set the branch on it’s other leg. Grab some tennis balls and try your best to get them in the cans. It’s a lot more challenging than it looks!

Glow Ring Toss
Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Be prepared with some glow in the dark necklaces and plant a stick or pole in the ground. If you want to make it easier, paint the stick with glow in the dark paint. Otherwise, have fun seeing who can ring the most glow in the dark necklaces!


Hopefully these ideas will help keep your family outside enjoying the summer! For more ideas like these take a look at the article that inspired this post: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/2/