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Trees and bushes for a colorful fall garden

It’s that beautiful, colorful time of year in Northeastern PA. The leaves are all changing and shades of red, orange and yellow paint the landscape. Does your garden match the breathtaking landscape or does it look like the remnants of summer are just begging to hold on?

Amur Maple - Edward's Garden Center

Amur Maple can add lots of color to your garden this fall season.

If you want to bring your garden back to life, there are some trees and shrubs that you can add to make your garden colorful for many autumns to come.

  1. Sugar Maple: The most common tree to have as part of your colorful landscape in NEPA, the Sugar Maple extra-reliable tree that makes a big statement in fall, sugar maple offers gorgeous red, orange, or yellow end-of-the-season leaves.
  2. Dogwood: A tree that is pretty just about all year around, the Dogwood most loved for their white or pink springtime flowers, but don’t overlook the gorgeous purple-red tones they’ll bring to your fall landscape.
  3. Chokeberry: The chokeberry offers white flowers that look like apple blossoms in spring; rich red fruits in late summer and autumn; and brilliant orange-red fall foliage.
  4. Gingko: Slow-growing ginkgo adds grace to the landscape; its fan-shaped leaves are among the most elegant of any tree. In autumn, they show breathtaking shades of luminous, golden-yellow.
  5. Amur Maple: Another top-notch maple for fall color, Amur maple is a small tree or large shrub (depending how you prune it) that bears bright red leaves in fall.
  6. Serviceberry: A plant for season-long beauty, we adore serviceberry for its display of white springtime flowers, delicious summer fruits, and amazing orange and red fall foliage.
  7. Virginia Sweetspire: Enjoy this great shrub for months. In summer, it offers fragrant white flowers. Then in autumn, it develops rich purple-red leaf color. Plus, it’s very easy to grow.
  8. Witch Hazel: A true plant for autumn, witch hazel leaves turn golden-yellow in fall. As they drop, they’re joined by delightful spidery yellow flowers.
  9. Japanese Maple: One of the best-known plants for an autumn show, Japanese maple turns on their glowing shades of red, orange, or yellow at season’s end.
  10. Burning Bush: This tough shrub earned its common name because of its autumn hues: In fall, the foliage turns glowing shades of red and pink.

These are just a few of the amazing trees and bushes that you can add to your garden. If you would like more information about any of these trees and bushes, please stop by the Garden Center and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Information for this post came from Better Homes and Gardens.