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Who knew working outside has so many benefits?

As avid gardener you know working in your garden has many benefits. The main benefit is that it makes you happy, of course. Besides putting you in a better mood, gardening is beneficial in many other ways.

Soak up that vitamin D
Did you know that the Scranton area is one of the most sun deprived areas in the country, according to multiple almanac and weather sites? The entire Northeast PA region gets less sun than most of the country. This is main reason we should soak up healthy doses of vitamin D when we can. Of course, we need to be smart about it. Wear sun screen, sun glasses and a hat when working in your garden on sunny days. Our bodies can still reap the benefits of vitamin D with all our protective gear. If it’s sunny tomorrow, get out there an enjoy it… you may only have another 100 or so days this year.

Benefits of working outside - Edward's Garden CenterSkip the gym and still get a workout
Maybe you would have done 40 squats, 40 bicep curls, a few bench press reps and spent 20 minutes on the treadmill. Head outside to your garden instead and you’ll probably burn even more calories than you would have at the gym. Not sure about that? Think about it. How many times do you squat down to the ground and get back up while working in the garden…50…80? How many bags of mulch or potting soil will you carrying around the yard? How many times will you walk back and forth to the shed for tools or to the house for a drink? One of the great benefits of gardening is that it’s physical! You get your workout in for the day and you get to enjoy it. 🙂

Give your future a helping hand
One benefit of working in the garden that is not thought about often is increased hand strength and dexterity. Not many people realize that as we age, we can lose strength in our hands, causing difficulty with every day tasks. Working with your hands in the garden is a great to keep hand muscles agile and in good working order.

Forget all your troubles
A well known reason why many people garden is because it relieves stress. Working on a project in your garden that is all your own can be very relaxing. Pull up a kneeler, a bag of bulbs and let the stress of the day fade away. When your finished planting or weeding for the day, pull up a chair and just enjoy all that you have accomplished while the birds chirp and the butterflies fly around.

Happiness can be found there
You garden because you love it. You get enjoyment out of the activity itself and out of the result. You created a beautiful space to enjoy with your family and friends and that alone a wonderful benefit of gardening.