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Five Family Fun Backyard Ideas

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The kids have been out of school for a few weeks now. You and they are probably getting restless. While reading online, we found some really cool ideas that you could add to your backyard (or just have fun dreaming about with the kids). Here’s a few of the best ideas.

Tumble Run Way
This long trampoline run way is a great place for the kids to get all of their energy out and for parents to get some exercise (or a good laugh watching all the fun!)


Floating Bean Bags
What could be better than floating around on a giant bean bag on a nice hot day? Relaxing in the pool is just what your family needs this summer. You can get these on various websites, but we saw them most recently on Frontgate.


Bumper Balls
Fourth of July party coming up? Invite the kids’ friends over and let them have a blast with these inflatable bumper balls while they wait for the fireworks.


Inflatable Giant Movie Screen
Great for a huge party or a cozy family night, this giant inflatable movie from Amazon is great for any night.


Backyard Zipline
This toy will keep the kids busy all summer and fall long. If you backyard is full of mature trees, this will be simple to set up and lots of fun.


It’s difficult to get kids out of the house these days. With all of their computer games, devices and TV shows, playing outside as become a chore for many kids. We hope some of the things we have share will give you some ideas to get your kids and family enjoying the backyard and garden, more often.

Ideas for this post came from Buzzfeed and HGTV.

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