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Unique Christmas Traditions

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While chatting with the rest of the staff after the Holiday Celebration last week, we got to talking about Christmas traditions. Several people said they never put up the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve and Santa always decorated it. A few people were surprised by this tradition. So this got us to thinking what are some holiday traditions that other families might find unusual or unique? We have found several that are quite interesting and we want to share them!

Christmas Stockings
Do you open your Christmas stocking the night before or first thing in the morning? We found there are various traditions revolving around the Christmas stocking. Some families just hang them as decorations while others fill them up. In some households even the pets get a stocking. Can’t forget Fluffy or Fido right?

Edward's Garden Center Christmas Traditions

Photo Credit: health.usnews.com

Open a Gift on Christmas Eve
Many families allow one gift per person to be opened on Christmas Eve. This gift is sometimes the same thing every year. For instance, one family gives new pajamas on Christmas Eve to be worn that night. Other families might just let the kids open one gift to convince the kids to go to sleep.

New Year’s Prediction
We found this one online and we thought it was a great idea to share. On Christmas, have all of your family members write down what they think will happen either in their own lives or someone else’s within the family and then place them in the jar. Then during next year’s festivities, open the jar and delegate someone to reads them aloud! It’s so fun (and funny!) to see where you’ve been as a family throughout the year and how things have changed. (All Women’s Talk)

Community Service – Remembering the Reason for the Season
One tradition many families have is doing community service leading up to Christmas. Since the reason for the season is based on giving and sharing with one another this is a great tradition and a great way to teach kids to do good for others instead of want want want. Some families sing Christmas carols at retirement homes while others shop for children who are less fortunate.

Make at least One Gift that You Give
This is a great tradition that can be filled with memories as well as make the holidays less expensive. Whether its Grandpa’s favorite Christmas cookies or a picture frame for mom, making a gift always adds special meaning.

These are just a few of the unique traditions we found from speaking with others and looking online. We would LOVE to hear about some of your family’s unique traditions. Share them in the comments here or on our Facebook page!

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