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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

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The countdown is on. There’s just one week until Thanksgiving. Is your home appropriately decorated? Maybe it is and you just want some fun projects to do with the kids or maybe it isn’t and you better get busy. To help you out, we have collected a few easy DIY decoration ideas that  you can accomplish before the guests arrive at your home.

Give Thanks Message Board
Though it fells like the day is about turkey and pumpkin pie, the day is really about giving thanks. Create a message board and ask everyone who comes to your home to write what they are thankful for. You can create the frame from a piece of cork board cut to fit into a large picture frame. Use real leaves if you can still find them or cut them out of construction paper.

Cozy Candles 
Purchase a few votive candles and some textured paper. Wrap the lights, add a decorative bow and perhaps even a feather. You can get super creative with this one and it’s an easy project to complete.

Natural Centerpiece
What could be more festive than a centerpiece made from a pumpkin? A pumpkin “basket” makes an imaginative centerpiece for a fall table. Hollow out the pumpkin, then place a block of wet floral foam inside. Position a pillar candle in the foam and surround with fall blooms and berries to complete this DIY fall decoration.

Repurpose a Coffee Can
Using items from your backyard you can create a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday gathering. Get a coffee can and glue sticks to it. You can add a burlap bow or ribbon to add some more rustic flair. Since the weather is getting cold, you may not find fresh flowers. If you don’t have any to use, you can get artificial flowers at the dollar store.



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