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Prep your garden for fall

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Cooler weather is moving in and here at Edward’s Garden Center, we have started stocking all our fall items. Since fall is quickly arriving in NEPA, we thought we’d share some tips for preparing your garden for fall.

Sure you can call adding a few pumpkins and mums to your garden “getting ready for fall,” but that’s not really what we were thinking. Here are some times to make your fall garden just as gorgeous as your summer garden.

Prune your shrubs and deadhead your flowers 
Since the flowers are dying off, you should concentrate on the body of your plants and make sure they are in pristine condition. Pop the dead heads off and prune your shrubs and rose bushes. For more tips on pruning, read our post from last year, “Is it time to prune?

Plant your bulbs
While you are tidying up your yard for fall, you could bury a few new bulbs to enjoy next spring. Stop in to our gift shop and pick up a few bags of tulips and daffodils.

Bulbs at Edward's Garden Center

Large variety of bulbs available at Edward’s Garden Center!

Plant fall veggies
Choose fast-growing, frost-tolerant plants such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, beets, carrots, green onions, lettuce and spinach.

Divide in stride
Divide and transplant spring-flowering and other dormant perennials. To reduce stress, do so during the coolest part of the day, and don’t skimp on the water!

Push for the red
Tomato plants not performing anymore? Or have lackluster leaves? Feed ‘em Tomato-tone to help them pull through until the first frost.

Hopefully, along with adding some pumpkins and mums to your garden this fall, you’ll consider some of the items we mentioned above. For more tips on how to get your garden ready for fall, stop into the Garden Center and speak with one of our staff.

Some information for this post came from our great friends at Espoma.

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