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Inside Scoop: Fall Festival September 26 & 27

Here at Edward’s Garden Center we are very excited for fall’s arrival! To celebrate, we are holding our annual Fall Festival September 26 & 27 and we hope to see many of our customers with their whole families!

As with all of our festivals and open house events, we have many events and vendors planned. Since you are our loyal readers and customers, we’ll let you in on everything that’s going on.

Fall Festival at Edward's Garden CenterGiant Pumpkin Contest
Every year we have put a giant pumpkin on display and let everyone guess on its weight. This super popular contest is back! You can enter right now on our Facebook page or enter your guess at the Festival this weekend.

Pony Rides
Back by popular demand, pony rides will be available both Saturday and Sunday all day! The kid’s from our Open House and last year’s Fall Festival LOVED the pony rides. Bring your kiddos so they can enjoy!

Face Painting
Another favorite for the kids, Face Painting by Jessica will be back. Each time she comes she offers more character, animal, butterfly options and so many more. Face painting is available 1 pm to 4 pm both days.

Pet Costume Parade and Contest
This event was a huge success last year. We got to see so many wonderful pets and their parents last year. If you want to enter your pet in the contest, you should get to the Garden Center at least half an hour early. There may be quite a few contestants. Our staff will chose their favorite pets and the pet parents will win gift cards and be featured on our website.

Live Entertainment
The popular local band Three Imaginary Boys will be providing some awesome music on Sunday from 12 pm to 2 pm. Stop by and enjoy!

Kid's Area at Edward's Garden CenterSurprise Updates at the Garden Center!
One of our favorite features for this Fall Festival is our children’s area “Home of Gnomes” which will be totally complete and ready for all the kids to enjoy. We have a train display, checker board and lots of gnomes to find! Make sure the kids take a walk through.

Delicious Food Vendors
As always, we will have several delicious food offerings for our guests. Stop by and check out your favorites like Smoking’ Jay’s BBQ.

Blue Chip Animal Adoption
Blue Chip Animal Farms will be available both days with a few animals that are looking for forever homes. Make sure you stop by and see them!

We really hope to see everyone at our Fall Festival this weekend! Bring your whole family and tell your friends 🙂

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Prep your garden for fall

Cooler weather is moving in and here at Edward’s Garden Center, we have started stocking all our fall items. Since fall is quickly arriving in NEPA, we thought we’d share some tips for preparing your garden for fall.

Sure you can call adding a few pumpkins and mums to your garden “getting ready for fall,” but that’s not really what we were thinking. Here are some times to make your fall garden just as gorgeous as your summer garden.

Prune your shrubs and deadhead your flowers 
Since the flowers are dying off, you should concentrate on the body of your plants and make sure they are in pristine condition. Pop the dead heads off and prune your shrubs and rose bushes. For more tips on pruning, read our post from last year, “Is it time to prune?

Plant your bulbs
While you are tidying up your yard for fall, you could bury a few new bulbs to enjoy next spring. Stop in to our gift shop and pick up a few bags of tulips and daffodils.

Bulbs at Edward's Garden Center

Large variety of bulbs available at Edward’s Garden Center!

Plant fall veggies
Choose fast-growing, frost-tolerant plants such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, beets, carrots, green onions, lettuce and spinach.

Divide in stride
Divide and transplant spring-flowering and other dormant perennials. To reduce stress, do so during the coolest part of the day, and don’t skimp on the water!

Push for the red
Tomato plants not performing anymore? Or have lackluster leaves? Feed ‘em Tomato-tone to help them pull through until the first frost.

Hopefully, along with adding some pumpkins and mums to your garden this fall, you’ll consider some of the items we mentioned above. For more tips on how to get your garden ready for fall, stop into the Garden Center and speak with one of our staff.

Some information for this post came from our great friends at Espoma.

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New Garden Trends for NEPA: Home of Gnomes

Stories and myths about gnomes have been around for thousands of years. In some stories they are cute, mini humans that play silly tricks. In some stories, gnomes are protectors of the garden and will do anything to defend it. Which ever story you like to believe, gnomes have become popular themes for gardens.

Here at Edward’s Garden Center we are preparing a space for our very own Gnome Garden. Our “Home of Gnomes” area will be dedicated to the kids.

There will be a misting, cooling area made from a tree trunk, with a checker board attached. Next to that, there will be an outside train station, with little gnomes happily waiting to go home with our customers. In the same area, there is an antique shanty building, currently under construction. We will have various antique garden items for sale. Miss Diane will be creating some miniature gardens to decorate this area and they will be for sale.

There has been a lot of talk about gnomes and gnome homes around the Garden Center lately so we decided to share a few of our favorite ideas for our customers and blog fans to try.

One of the most popular Gnome Homes can be made from an old tree stump. Yes, you can turn and unsightly old tree stump into a cute, little home for gnomes and fairies. All you need is a little door, some small windows and whatever you think your gnomes would enjoy in their front yard.

Another popular way to make a gnome home in your yard is to build or purchase a small house. There are many cute ideas online to make them, but our favorites were probably purchased.

While Gnomes need homes to live in, they also need accessories. There are so MANY accessories out there. Some you can make yourself. Here are just a few ideas.

Hope you enjoyed some of our favorite Gnome themed ideas. Make sure you stop by the Garden Center to see our progress!

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Natural ways to keep the gnats away

We all LOVE spending time in our gardens and yards, but there is nothing more annoying than being swarmed by gnats within seconds of stepping outside. Gnats are part of our natural environment, here in hot, humid Northeast PA so we don’t want to hurt the little buggers. However, it sure is hard to enjoy your yard with gnats flying into your face.

To help combat these little buggers, we’ve collected some natural remedies for you to try.

Before we get to the remedies, you should try to deter gnats from making a home in your yard to begin with. These tips are from TodaysHomeOwner.com.

  • Keep your garden free of mold, fungus and rotting plant debris. Pay particular attention to shady areas with poor air circulation. Put your compost pile as far from the house as you can, cover your trash cans and keep fallen debris cleaned up.
  • Amend your garden soil to improve drainage.
  • Occasionally rake or turn your mulch to allow sodden, moldy layers to dry out.
  • Avoid overwatering, and allow enough time between waterings for the top layer of soil to dry out.
  • Water in the morning to avoid overnight fungal growth.
  • Make sure you have no standing water in gutters, drainage areas or low spots.
  • Keep birdbaths and water features clean.
  • If your garden still has naturally damp areas, you can top dress the soil with an inch (or less) of sand, to discourage gnats looking for moist soil.
  • Use sodium light bulbs in outdoor areas to reduce attraction at night.
Edward's Garden Center Controlling gnats

Controlling gnats with natural remedies

Now to the gnat remedies…

  • Put some vanilla on the brim of your hat or sunglasses.
  • Put fans on your porch or the area you are sitting, it will keep the swarms from collecting and keep you cool.
  • Set out a glass of apple cider vinegar, cover the jar with plastic wrap and poke small holes in it.
  • Use all natural big spray, (has apple cider vinegar in it)
  • Light a few citronella candles.

If you have any other natural remedies for repelling gnats, please post them in the comments. We would love to share anything that works on our pesky friends.