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Ponds and water features make beautiful garden focal points

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If you have spent even two minutes walking around our Garden Center, you have seen the beautiful ponds and water features that we have. Ponds can be a great addition to any garden, because they come in all shapes and sizes.

Creating a pond or water feature in your garden doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. There are a few ways to get your beautiful pond and not break your back.

Option 1: Call a local landscaper who is experienced with this type of work. At one time, Edward’s Landscaping was one of the premier waterscaping companies in the Wyoming Valley. Our business has since shifted to serving our customers at the Garden Center and providing local landscaping supplies. Although we personally do not provide these services anymore, we are happy to recommend Russell Landscape and Construction. Some of the workers at Russell’s actually began their careers at Edward’s and we enjoy working closely with them.

Option 2: Many hands make light work. Gather your kids, your nieces and nephews and even some neighbors. Start digging! You can either make whatever shape you want and get a liner to install or you can chose a preformed liner and dig the shape you need. Once you have the hole dug out, you can install either liner and fill in around it. Although doing this project yourself is a lot harder, you will feel so fulfilled with having made your very own pond garden.

Edward's Garden Center sells ponds supplies

A cute little pond in progress in Shavertown.

Once you decided on how to create your pond garden, there are so many wonderful ways you can go from here! You can add a waterfall, plant grasses and flowers, add a pathway to the pond, add a bubbling boulder and so much more!

And once you have the water treated and the pond ready, don’t forget the fish and frogs.

If you need ideas on how to build your pond garden or how to landscape around your pond, ask one of our expert associates like Nick or Debi.

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