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Join the Back Mountain Bloomers for their tour of area gardens

This garden in Shavertown will be one of the five gardens featured during the Back Mountain Bloomers 2015 ‘Tour of Back Mountain Gardens’ on Saturday, June 27. Get tickets at Back Mountain Harvest Assemble Friday or Saturday. Photo credit: pahomepage.com

This garden in Shavertown will be one of the five gardens featured during the Back Mountain Bloomers 2015 ‘Tour of Back Mountain Gardens’ on Saturday, June 27. Get tickets at Back Mountain Harvest Assemble Friday or Saturday. Photo credit: pahomepage.com

You may have seen the Back Mountain Bloomers around the Garden Center promoting their Tour of the Back Mountain Gardens. They were at our Open House a few weeks ago selling tickets and we just wanted to remind anyone who missed them that tickets are still available!

According to the Back Mountain Bloomers Facebook page, tickets will be available Friday, June 26th from 2-6pm and Saturday, June 27th from 8am-2pm at the Back Mountain Harvest Assembly, 340 Carverton Road, Trucksville. Cash or checks made out to ASTA- no credit cards. $25, with all proceeds benefitting Anthracite Scenic Trails Association / The Back Mountain Trail.

The tour this weekend will lead garden lovers through some of the most beautiful and unique gardens in Shavertown and Trucksville.

Six Back Mountain residents will be welcoming visitors to their gardens for the semi-annual event. The day promises fun for those who like to stop and smell the roses. And the peonies. And the honeysuckle.

Over the years the tour has featured many different types of gardens like cottage gardens, themed gardens, large gardens and tiny gardens. This year will once again be a fun mix of garden styles.

According to the Times Leader, “The gardens include a variety of styles and themes, including a beautifully landscaped, home owner-maintained property focused around a picturesque pool and outdoor kitchen; a newly designed landscape that enhances the dramatic view of a nearby lake and a show-stopper featuring sweeping walks and impressive pottery that enhance a hillside property.”

The Bloomers will offer table designs at each garden, as well as a large display of miniature floral designs at one location. Also, a full slate of garden, nature, container and landscaping presentations by professional from across the region is planned.

The presenting organizations include Anthracite Scenic Trails Association, Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge, Edward’s Garden Center, Fetching Fido Fotography, Master Gardeners of Penn State Extension, Table and Miniature Flower Designs by the Back Mountain Bloomers, NEPA Bonsai Society, Perennial Point Garden Center, Wild Birds Unlimited and Wyoming Valley Art League. Members of the Wyoming Valley Art League will paint and draw at different gardens throughout the day. 

Over the past six tours, the Bloomers have raised a total of more than $50,000 for ASTA and hope once again this year to be able to support the cause in a big way.

Please come out and support the Back Mountain Bloomers Tour of the Back Mountain Gardens! If you or your family has any interest in gardens, this is an event you won’t want to miss! Get your tickets tomorrow or Saturday at the Back Mountain Harvest Assembly on Carverton Rd.

Information for this post came from The Times Leader, The Dallas Post, PA Home Page and of course the Back Mountain Bloomers.

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Colorful climbing plants add high focal points to your garden

When you think of a beautiful garden, maintained but not to perfection, one thing that always catches the eye are climbing flowers. Climbing flowers add a colorful dramatic effect and make you feel like you are in a magical place like in the movie The Secret Garden.

Climbing flowers can grow up just about anything, from lattices and archways to trees and gutters. Many varieties of climbing flowers are perennial and grow back bigger and stronger year after year. Some of our favorite climbing flowers are Climbing Roses, Clematis and Honeysuckle.

Climbing Roses – fast and furious growers that will light your yard up with color when they bloom, usually early to mid summer.  A tip from Savvygardening.com: Climbing roses don’t vine out and grab onto the trellis like other climbers, they usually have to be trained to grow on a support. As they grow up, loosely tie climbing roses to the trellis using a plant tie or string.

Clematis – offers a variety of colors and blooming times to keep your garden gorgeous for months. These flowers are generally easy to grow in all climates and will cling to anything you plant them near. Be careful to keep them away from trees or bushes that you don’t want intermingled. Clematis no no boundaries.

Honeysuckle – This favorite among hummingbirds makes it one of our favorites too! Honeysuckle is easy to grow and quickly travels up archways, lattice and trellises. It comes in a variety of colors and is beautifully unique due to it’s tube shaped flowers. If you are looking for a flower that is easy to grow and can stand a little beating, honeysuckle is a great choice.

At the Garden Center we have many varieties of climbing flowers like Clematis and Roses. Stop by and speak with our staff about which variety would work best in your garden.

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Garden games for the whole family

When the weather is beautiful, it’s time to get the family outside for some great garden games! The long months of summer vacation are just about here and you know you will eventually here the usual “I’m bored” out of the kids. We found a great article that has some great ideas to keep the kids at bay. Give a few of these a try.

Garden Games by Edward's Garden Center

Garden Twister with ground marking spray will not hurt your grass. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/2/

Yard Twister
Who can forget the fun and often hilarious times spent on the old Twister mat. It’s super easy to recreate in your backyard for a fun neighborhood barbecue or party. You’ll need four colors of ground marking spray. Don’t worry it won’t hurt your grass. In fact, it’ll grow out in just a few weeks. Making the board yourself gives you the ability to make it harder by spreading the colors out. The kids and the adults will have hours of fun with this game!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
So you have a dozen young kids coming over for a party and you have no idea how to keep them outside…try a nature scavenger hunt. Walk around your yard and make a list of items like specific flowers, trees, rocks, etc. Make sure the items are things they can pick up and put in a bag. Then create a check sheet. You can find an already made up list here. Don’t forget to get some awesome prizes for the kids who find the items the fastest.

Garden Games from Edward's Garden Center

A DIY Dunk Booth would be the hit of any summer party. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/16/

DIY Dunk Bucket
This game is sure to be a huge hit with kids of all ages (even those adult kids.) Creating a DIY bucket is a little more involved than some of the other games on the list, but think about how awesome it would be! Full instructions for this project can be found here. To get started you’ll need to chose a large tree in your yard and get the following items: some wood to make a target, thicker piece of wood like a shelf for the bucket, hinges, tennis balls and if you really want to get fancy (though you don’t need to) some piping to put water in the bucket.

The tin can toss is a lot more challenging than it looks but it's easy to build. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/20/

The tin can toss is a lot more challenging than it looks but it’s easy to build. Photo credit: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/20/

Tin Can Toss
Hanging tin cans from a homemade branch structure can make a fun game. For this game you’ll need three sturdy branches, medium size in length. Two of the branches need a ‘Y’ shape so they can hold onto the third branch. You’ll also need two large cans or buckets full of soil and tin cans of varying sizes with ropes as handles. Set the one ‘Y’ branch into the big can or bucket and pack the soil around it. Do this with the other ‘Y’ branch. Set the third branch on top of one of the first branches and string the tin cans on it. Then set the branch on it’s other leg. Grab some tennis balls and try your best to get them in the cans. It’s a lot more challenging than it looks!

Glow Ring Toss
Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Be prepared with some glow in the dark necklaces and plant a stick or pole in the ground. If you want to make it easier, paint the stick with glow in the dark paint. Otherwise, have fun seeing who can ring the most glow in the dark necklaces!


Hopefully these ideas will help keep your family outside enjoying the summer! For more ideas like these take a look at the article that inspired this post: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/2/

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Open House June 6 and 7: Details Here!

Edward's Garden Center Events

There’s just a few days left before our summer Open House. Our staff is very excited and has been busy getting everything ready. Because we want everyone to come, bring their kids and grandkids and have a fabulous time, we are giving you the plan for the weekend.

The Facts

Where: 525 River Street Forty Fort, 18704 (go all the way to the end of the road)

When: Saturday & Sunday, June 6 & 7, from 8 am to 4pm

What’s happening: Both days there will plenty to do and to see! We have Face Painting by Jessica making her return to paint beautiful masterpieces on the kids’ hands and faces. The kids at the past few events loved being transformed into their favorite characters and animals. Back by popular demand, we will have pony rides! Pony Party Paradise will be back with their lovely ponies.

Blue Chip Animal Rescue will be bringing a few of their pets who need to find “furever” homes. Visit with a few pets all day Saturday and Sunday. Proceeds from this event help support Blue Chip.

You can’t have a special event, without good food right? Not to worry, we will have several food vendors ready to provide you with tasty treats.

We also can’t forget to mention the reasons people visit Edward’s Garden Center every day. Kids love our scavenger hunt to find all of our animals. Kids love it because they get to meet all the animals and at the end of the scavenger hunt they get a prize bag. Our quality plants, trees and flowers also draw people from all over the Wyoming Valley. And don’t forget to stop into the gift shop to pick up some unique items.

Parking and admission for the Open House are free!

Rain or shine we hope to see you there! We promise you will see why Edward’s Garden Center is truly “A Place to Explore and Enjoy!”