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Gifts your mom can enjoy all season

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Mother’s Day is coming up quickly. If your mom, sister, wife or grandma are gardeners, we have some great gift ideas for you! Give mom a gift that she will enjoy all gardening season long.

Miniature Garden
This gift requires a little bit of work on your part, but your mom will love it. Visit your the Garden Center and ask to see their miniature collection. Choose a few items that your mom would like. Maybe she’d like a beach theme. Choose some blue rocks for the water, a beach chair and an umbrella. Next you will need to select a large container to hold the garden. You can use just about an large pot, basket or container. Then you will want to chose plants that go well with your theme, but also don’t grow too large. If you aren’t sure what plants to use ask one of our gardening experts. Once you purchase the supplies, all you have to do is put it together. Need some tips? Watch the second half of this video.

Garden Decor
Every gardener loves to add little nicknacks and decorations for their garden. Look around your mom’s garden and see if she has a theme or items that she tends to like. Not sure where to start? Does she like wind chimes, signs, decorated rocks, statues or baskets? Maybe she has a theme like frogs, butterflies or birds. If you need help picking something out, stop into our gift shop and take a look!

Gardening Tools
If you have a small budget, making a basket full of small gardening tools will still get you a big smile from your mom. In the basket, make sure to include things like gloves, hand shovel, hand rake and scissors. If your budget is bigger (mom deserves it all right!) then aim for a tool that she would love but she wouldn’t buy herself. Some ideas: wheel barrow, work bench, hedge trimmers or tiller.

Hopefully we gave you some ideas for the gardening mother in your life. Don’t forget, when all else fails, a gift certificate to Edward’s Garden Center is a great gift 😉

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