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Enjoy more beautiful roses thanks to organic food

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Who doesn’t love a fully blooming rose bush? Roses are definitely one of the more elegant and beautiful flowers that grows well in our area. Did you know that with a little help, you can enjoy more blooms on your rose bush?

Edward's Garden Center sells organic plant food

Feed your roses monthly with organic plant food and you’ll enjoy the most gorgeous flowers this season!

Our friends at Espoma know how to get the most out of their rose bushes and they decided to share some helpful information.

All you need for a beautiful blooming rose bush is a well fed plant. Roses are one of the hungriest plants so a well-balanced meal will go a long way.

Your roses are waking up now since spring is just beginning. They’ve made it through a long winter  and they are starving! Feed them the most nutritious meal you can.

Espoma’s organic Rose-tone includes more nutrients than any other rose food. Most rose fertilizers contain three nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K). Rose-tone goes far beyond that. This organic rose food contains 12 more micronutrients roses need, including iron, calcium and magnesium. Don’t forget you, Edward’s has all the plant food and fertilizer you need this spring so stop by.

Rose-tone is not only superior for its nutrients, but also because gradually release those nutrients. Due to its slow-release formula, Rose-tone will never burn or leach plants. Plus, this is the only organic rose food that improves soil structure.

For established roses in beds, spread 6 pounds of Rose-tone per 100 square feet. For individual roses, use 1¼ cups of Rose-tone per plant.

Sprinkle the granular organic rose food around each plant out to the widest branch. This encourages your roses to stretch their feet and grow a little!

Then, scratch the food into the top 1” of soil.

If you’re planting new roses, add a mixture of peat moss and 3 cups Rose-tone to the planting hole.

Either way, feed your roses monthly from early spring to mid-September to keep them producing beautiful blooms.

Information for this post came from Espoma.com.


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