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Announcing this season’s events at Edward’s Garden Center

Our loyal blog readers get the first look at our schedule full of events for this season at Edward’s Garden Center!  We know many of you will want to mark your calendars for our Open House days and seminars. Take a look at the list below. We can’t wait to see you at as many as you can come too. 🙂

Edward's Garden Center events

Get ready for all the events at Edward’s Garden Center this season!

Reservations are required for all seminars. To reserve a spot in a seminar please call (570) 287-4329 ext 1.

  • Opening Your Pond & Pond Maintenance Tips: Sunday, April 12th
  • Pond Maintenance and Care Seminar: Sunday, May 3rd
  • Container Gardening Seminar: Sunday, May 17th
  • Open House: Saturday and Sunday, June 6th & 7th
  • Pruning Seminar: Sunday, June 14th 
  • Brick Paver & Flagstone Installation Seminar: Sunday, July 12th
  • Fairy and Miniature Garden Seminar: Sunday, August 9th (participation is $20, we supply container and soil)
  • Build Your Own Scarecrow Seminar: Sunday, Sept 20th (participation is $20, we supply straw and poles, bring your own clothes)
  • Fall Festival: Saturday and Sunday, September 26th & 27th
  • Closing your pond seminar: Sunday, Oct 18th (participate in closing our ponds)
  • Tree Top Bow Making Class & Make Your Own Kissing Ball Class: Sunday, Nov 29th (you can bring your own ribbon) & (kissing ball class will be $20, supplies included)
  • Holiday Celebration: Saturday & Sunday, Dec 5th & 6th

Seminars (non bolded events) always start promptly at 11 a.m. All dates and times are subject to change. Vendors and entertainment for the two day events will be announced at a later time.

Hope to see you at these events and around the Garden Center as the weather gets warmer! Happy Spring!

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Get sprucing, spring is on its way!

It seems the weather in NEPA is finally breaking! Temperatures above 40 and into the 50s, who remembers what those feel like? The weather warming up means spring is on its way and you need to start thinking about getting your garden ready to plant.

Dust off those gardening tools! Spring is coming.

Dust off those gardening tools! Spring is coming.

Our friends at Espoma gave us some great spring cleanup tips to pass along to you. We threw in a few of our own too.

  1. Remove dead plants that didn’t make it and any debris that may have waited out the winter in your garden beds.
  2. Remove dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs by cutting at a 45º angle with pruners.
  3. Armed with your pruners, cut flowering perennials to 4-5” and trim ornamental grasses to 2-3”.  Just like haircuts make hair grow faster and healthier, pruning plants does the same.
  4. Now that the ground has thawed, scoop up a small handful of soil to test. You can bring it to your favorite Garden Center (hint hint) to be tested for deficiencies and overages.
  5. While walking around your yard, visualize how you want it to look this year. Then sketch it out and bring it to the Garden Center. Our experts can help you plan the whole thing and we will even deliver your plants to your home.

We know we don’t need to convince you to get out in the garden and get started. We just want to keep inspiring you so that you can keep inspiring us with the great ideas and smiling faces you bring into the Garden Center!

We’re ready to get started! Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and enter our contest! Correctly guess how many animals live at the Garden Center and you could win a $50 gift card.


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Get spring started right now by planting seeds

Spring is definitely taking its time coming to NEPA this year. While the Garden Center has opened as scheduled, we know not many of you are really feeling spring fever.

There is one way to get spring started, without waiting for the weather to turn. You can get your seedlings ready.

Our great friends at Espoma sent us some tips that we wanted to pass along.

Tips for starting your seedlings before spring - Edward's Garden Center

Plant your seedlings now and in just 4 to 6 weeks you’ll be working in your garden!

1. Dream big
Choose your favorite high-quality seeds from a huge selection. Starting hard-to-find or expensive plants from seed will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

2. Stock up
Get plastic trays with holes in the bottom or a seed-starting kit as well as an organic soil starter, such as Espoma’s Organic Seed Starter. An organic soil like this is made specifically to help your seedlings grow strong, sturdy roots in a healthy, safe environment.

3. Get plantin’
Fill seed trays to within ¼” of the top and lightly water. Then, follow seed packet instructions to see how deep and far apart to plant. Cover with soil, press down and label.

4. Water wisely
Water perfectly by placing tray in a larger pan of shallow water for a few seconds or up to a couple of minutes so the water seeps up from the bottom.

5. Find the right spot
Place seeds in a warm, safe place. To warm up a spot, place a space heater nearby or place trays on top of the refrigerator.

6. Take cover and wait
Loosely cover the tray with plastic wrap, or use the cover in your seed-starting kit. Check seeds daily for moisture.

7. Spot a sprout
Once you see sprouts, remove the cover and move seeds to a sunny, south-facing window that is 65-75°F. Then, turn the container a little each day to prevent leaning seeds.

8. Boost plants
When leaves grow, add a bit of fertilizer such as Espoma’s Plant-tone. Plant-tone is an organic fertilizer, so it’s safe to use on edibles and helps plants grow bigger than ever before.

9. Strengthen seeds
Check seed packets to see when to plant after the last frost. Before planting you’ll want to harden off seedlings. Hardening off is a process that gets seeds used to the outdoors. Simply place your tray outside for a few hours a day for 7-10 days. Each day, increase their time outdoors and reduce watering.

10. Plant permanently
Once the last frost date has passed, you’re ready to plant! Gently remove plants from containers without damaging the roots. Plant in a prepared bed and mix in organic starter plant food to keep them strong, such as Bio-tone Starter Plus.

You did it! Spring is just a step away – and so are your crisp, garden-fresh veggies and fruits!

Stop in to the Garden Center for more tips and to help spring fever come over you 🙂

Miniatures at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

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Adorable miniature gardens at the Philadelphia Flower show! Great post with photos =)

The Mini Garden Guru

Miniature Gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show A close up of Louise’s award-winning miniature Rear Window scene with close attention to detail, replicating the scene in the movie to a “T.”

Miniature Gardening is Still Growing at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

Dateline: 3.4.15 – Reporting in from our Timber Press tour to Philadelphia with our unique perspective – as usual! Here is our review of the garden event of the year, the best in the country, the Philadelphia Flower Show that is! It’s still on until March 8, 2015.

Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show And our good friend, Louise Krasneiwicz won the Best of Show this year for her steller Rear Window display! Congratulations, Dr. K! It. Is. Awesome. (More details to come.)

The Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits is a series of 10 dioramas set into window boxes built into walls for easy viewing. Despite the long list of the parameters that everyone has to work within…

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