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Making your own personal sanctuary

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Each one of us has a different idea of what a peaceful day is. For some, a peaceful day is spent just getting the kids out of the house. For others, a peaceful day means cuddling up on the coach to watch a movie. For most gardeners, a peaceful day would be spent sitting in their garden, listening to the sounds of nature and maybe enjoying a good book. What could be better than having your own personal sanctuary in your backyard to visit whenever you want? Nothing could be better.

How can your garden be turned into your own personal sanctuary? Try some of these ideas.

1. Watch a beautiful water feature
Is there anything more peaceful than sitting beside a waterfall or pond? Don’t worry if you only have a small space available. The experts at Edward’s Garden Center can find a water feature for your space. It might be a pond, a fountain, or dancing fountains. No matter what water feature you choose it will add peace and value to your garden.

Edward's Garden Center offers water features

There are over 18 water features at Edward’s Garden Center!

2. Let bamboo shade your sanctuary
OK, we know bamboo gets a bad rep for taking over gardens, but what other plant can double as an elegant screen and comes in so many varieties. Give bamboo a try and feel the tranquility creep into your garden.

Edward's Garden Center tips for creating a peaceful garden

Bamboo can offer shade and tranquility to your patio or garden.

3. Enjoy a peaceful sound with wind chimes
Another wonderfully peaceful sound is the sound of the wind bustling the wind chimes in your garden. By adding a few different sizes and shapes, you can have your very own symphony to listen to while you relaxing with an iced tea or a nice book.

Add wind chimes to your garden for a whimsical feel.

Add wind chimes to your garden for a whimsical feel.

4. Smell those fresh herbs
Make sure all of your senses are enjoying the peaceful feeling of your garden. Plant herbs that are known for having a beautiful smell like lavender, rosemary, basil or mint. The scents can relieve stress and set a calm mood for your evening of relaxation.

Edward's Garden Center Tips for making a tranquil garden

Grow herbs that have are known for having a calming scent.

5. Wiggle your toes in the sand
Maybe your idea of a peaceful sanctuary is resting your feet in the sand and laying back in a beach chair. Why not bring the beach to your garden? You can easily create a sand box or a sand garden, where you can pull up your chair and umbrella for a nice relaxing afternoon. Visit the Garden Center this spring to pick up sand for this project.

Sand is available at Edward's Garden Center

Create your own beach sanctuary by adding a sand garden to your yard.


Hopefully our post has given you some new ideas for your personal backyard sanctuary. Start planning now for spring!


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