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7 gifts for the gardener on your holiday list

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Many of you probably have a gardener or two on your shopping list. With just one week left until Christmas, we have some ideas that may just save you! If you are the gardener, yourself, you may want to text this link to a spouse, parent, or child so they can get the hint 😉

1. New set of tools – Every artist needs a solid set of tools right? Well as gardeners know, tools wear out. Imagine how frustrating it would be to be in the middle of planting a vegetable garden and your shovel breaks. Gardening tools are always a good gift idea.

Edward's Garden Center has whatever gift your need for the gardener in your life

Matching planters are a great gift for any gardener!

2. Sets of matching planters – Just like an artist needs a canvas, a gardener needs planters. Finding sets that are on budget when you need them is not the easiest task. At this time of year, many places have them marked down so you should be able to find a good deal. This is a gift that can be used over and over again.

3. A potting bench – Many gardeners spend time potting seeds and translating annuals. Though they enjoy it, the work can be very hard on their back and knees. Having a separate area to keep the mess, where they don’t have to bend down would give them a nice break.

4. Raised garden bed  – You can purchase a kit or build one of your own (directions can be found on our Pinterest page). For a gardener with limited space or problem soil, you can’t beat a raised bed. It has better soil, better drainage, warms up quicker in the spring and lasts longer in the fall.

Edward's Garden Center has bird houses

The bird room at Edward’s Garden Center has hand carved birdhouses.

5. Bird houses – A bird house is a great idea for anyone that loves being in their yard. Another gift that just keeps giving, your giftee will be able to attract birds for many years. If you have questions about which kind to buy, stop by our Garden Center and visit our bird room.

6. A helpful set of hands – For someone on a budget, this is a fabulous gift for the gardener in your life. Create a coupon for one day of free labor in the garden. A gardener with big dreams can always use a few helping hands.

7. A gift certificate to your favorite Garden Center! (hint hint) – This is one gift that will make your loved one really look forward to spring. Stop by the Garden Center before Dec 23. to get your gift certificate in any denomination!

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