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Easy Thanksgiving table center pieces

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Bring some of the beautiful outdoors to your family Thanksgiving dinner with an easy to make centerpiece. With Thanksgiving only one week away, you may want to take a look around your yard and see what you can use to make a lovely centerpiece.

There are thousands of easy DIY centerpiece options when you search online and we have a few staff members at the Garden Center that can help you with some ideas, but if you want some quick inspiration, take a look at the ideas we have gathered. We even have videos so they are super easy to follow.

Take a look at the ideas below, then enter our blog contest that we posted last week!

Simple Fall Foliage Vase
For this centerpiece, you will want to go outside and look for some deciduous trees, fall flowers and maybe some pinecones or acorns. You will arrange these however you like in a tall vase. Watch this video for some ideas on what trees to chose.

Candle Crate Cornucopia
For this centerpiece you will need to purchase a few items from the dollar store, but some of the items you can substitute with items from your garden.

Begin with a simple crate. For a special look spray paint it gold or silver. Next you can add some holly or deciduous tree pieces. Lastly, you will need purchase candle sticks to add to the centerpiece. Watch this video to see how she put her’s together. She also has a few other decor ideas that are easy and pretty.

Table-top Trees & Edible Centerpieces
The next two centerpieces are great projects for the kids when they are home from school next Wednesday. For the table-top tree, take a paper towel holder and have them paint or color it dark brown. Then make slits at the top and bend them down to look like branches. Next glue on either pressed leaves or fabric leaves from the craft store.

To make an edible cornucopia centerpiece, you will need waffle cones, tootsie rolls of various colors and some small hands to shape the “food.” You may want to add some nuts or chocolate covered pretzels to give it more variety.

Watch this video from the Today Show to find out more about these two great Thanksgiving centerpieces.


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Hope you found some inspiration for your table this year! Don’t forget to enter the blog contest.

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