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5 tips to choosing your Hydrangea Color

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hydrangea_chartDid you know that there are a few flowers that change colors depending on the environment? The color of Hydrangeas can be changed by making a few simple adjustments to their environment.

According to Espoma, with just a few amendments to the soil, you can have hydrangeas in deep blue, purple or bright pink.

First, you need to test the pH in your soil to understand where to start. You can get a soil test kit from the Garden Center for just a few dollars.

Generally, more acidity in the soil will produce blue hydrangeas and less acidity (more alkaline soil) produces pink.

So how do you change the pH to grow different color hydrangeas? Follow these 5 tips:Stop by Edward's Garden Center and pick up your hydrangeas today!

  1. Consider growing your hydrangeas in a container so you can control the soil pH.
  2. Feeding your hydrangeas will result in healthier plants and a fuller color. Espoma Holly-tone is an excellent choice for blue hydrangeas since it contains sulfur to lower pH.Espoma Plant-tone is ideal for feeding pink hydrangeas since it does not contain the additional sulfur.
  3. When you water hydrangeas, do so steadily, especially during the hot summer months. Use mulch to retain moisture and keep the plant cooler.
  4. Hydrangea color can be affected by lime leaching out of concrete walkways or patios nearby, making blue a real challenge. Keep this in mind when considering where to plant.
  5. Not all plants like acidic soil. Pay attention to what plants are near your hydrangeas

The color change may not happen over night, but it will be worth the wait!

The information for this story came from Espoma.com.


One thought on “5 tips to choosing your Hydrangea Color

  1. Great ideas! I’m desperate to grow some they’re so pretty!!

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